Mohamed El Maimouni's family is "desperate". Four months after the sinking of the 'Nuevo Rafael' 14 miles from the island of Alboran, they are still unable to recover the body of their father, a 54-year-old fisherman of Moroccan origin, of whom 40 spent in Spain. The trawler, based in the port of Caleta de Vélez, was wrecked and he was the only member of the crew who could not be rescued, since three of his companions were saved. After collecting more than 6,500 signatures, starring in demonstrations and rallies, "we feel abandoned by the authorities," complained the first-born, 24-year-old Fatima.

His mother, Hasnae Alanti, is "devastated." "We cannot process any widowhood or orphan pension for my little brothers, because officially our father is still listed as missing," explained Fátima, who regretted that the Government Sub-delegation in Malaga had explained to them by letter that the search for their father " it is very complex. "Not to tell us that it is expensive, and that it does not give them any political profit," said Fatima.

Faced with this situation, they have contacted the Almeria company Azul y Verde, specialized in this type of rescue of sunken ships. "First they gave us a work budget for a month, which was 350,000 euros, something totally unaffordable for us, then they have specified it for a week, which is 105,127 euros, an amount that we do not have either," said the oldest six siblings. "My father was our main financial supporter, we are very bad," he added.

As explained by Fátima El Maimouni, the Almeria company has specified for them, based on the coordinates of the radio beacon, that the wreck is about 200 meters deep, on the underwater slope of the island of Alboran, a protected area of ??great environmental wealth.

«The ship is technically possible to reach it, that is what this company tells us, so we do not understand why the means are not provided by the central government, they have an underwater robot, the ROV Comanche, which has been used in many other rescues of fishing boats, "he said. Thus, Fatima gave as examples the rescues of the Nuevo Pepita Aurora, in September 2007 in Barbate (Cádiz) or of the Rua Mar, also in waters of the province of Cadiz, last January, which cost 1.7 million, assumed by the Government .

"Our father has not been searched because it has not been news that a Moor is at the bottom of the sea," he said. On September 19, coinciding with the visit of Queen Sofia to Rincón de la Victoria to participate in a day of cleaning the beaches, she delivered a letter with her demands to the emeritus monarch. "They answered me saying that they had transferred it to the Ministry of Development," he said.

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