'El Millón' of Euromillions plays for the second time in three months in a Velez-Malaga administration

'El Millón' of Euromillions plays for the second time in three months in a Velez-Malaga administration

For the second time in just three months, the goddess fortune has knocked on the doors of the administration of Loterías number 2 of Vélez-Málaga, called Santa Teresa and located in the central Alcalde José Herrera street. After a 'El Millón' ticket from the Euromillions draw was sealed last February 21, this Saturday, just five days after the draws were resumed after the coronavirus pandemic, this same office has been the grace of again with this award in the draw held last night. As it happened three months ago, the lotteries, the brothers Adela and José Antonio Anaya, at noon this Saturday did not yet know who is the lucky one with this millionaire prize, which discou

"It has to be someone from Vélez-Málaga or from the province, because right now you cannot come from outside Málaga with phase 1 of the de-escalation," said Adela, 54, daughter of the first person in charge of this administration of Lotteries, opened in 1980. "It is not that I do not want to say it for reasons of confidentiality, it is that we really do not know", he added while he continued to greet customers who in a continuous movement entered and left the small premises, respecting the shifts and the safe distances at the door. "It has been a great joy, it is an enormous coincidence that we have given this same award again, just three months later and j

'El Millón' raffles only one million euros in Spain among all the bets that participate in the EuroMillions draws of the week (Tuesday and Friday). Therefore, every week there is a new millionaire in Spain. This draw is framed in the Euromillions this Friday, in which the winning combination has been formed by the numbers 18, 22, 32, 3 and 27. The stars have been 2 and 7 .. No winning tickets have been registered first category (five hits plus two stars) or second (five plus one), while third category, with five hits, there are 13 guesses, five of them in Spain, who will charge 55,708.21 euros each.

Of these five winners, one has been registered in the receiving office number 22,550 in La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz), while the other four are located in the Barcelona municipalities of Centelles and Begues, as well as in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Requena (Valencia). The collection of the draw has amounted to 44,981,783 euros. In the draw on Tuesday May 26, the EuroMillions jackpot could reach 37 million euros.

"We hope to continue giving prizes, because they have been two hard months, locked up at home and unable to work," said Adela, who stressed that in this first week in which the Lottery draws have resumed "there has been quite a lot of movement »In his administration. "It is probable that the lucky person has not yet realized it and if he has, he plans to go directly to a bank on Monday," argued the Vela loter, who stressed that with these two millionaire prizes they are recovering a path of fortune after four years of drought. Not surprisingly, the last major prize, before these two, had been given in October 2016 with a Joker of 10,000 euros.

In the history of important prizes of this administration of the capital of the Axarquía they have accumulated close to twenty. Thus, since 1988 the most outstanding have been one of 3,907,948 euros from La Primitiva in June 1993 and another of 2,665,552 from the Bono Loto in July 2002. In May 2004, a prize pool was sealed with 426,512 euros. He also distributed the second prize of the 2014 Children's Draw and a graceful ticket with the third prize of the Christmas Lottery in 2011.

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