A court annuls the citizenship aid created to alleviate the rise of the IBI in Vélez-Málaga

A court annuls the citizenship aid created to alleviate the rise of the IBI in Vélez-Málaga

The Chamber of Administrative Litigation of Malaga has annulled the municipal ordinance that regulates the aid to the Citizenship of the City of Vélez-Málaga and that had been applied since 2008 to alleviate the rise in the receipts of the Property Tax (IBI), as consequence of the revision of the cadastral values ??in the municipality. Only in 2018 they benefited from these grants, which can reach up to 500 euros, about 22,000 taxpayers, for an amount of 3.8 million, of the 4.1 that the Consistory records for this purpose. The forecast of the City Council for 2019 was to benefit some 25,000 families.

According to the councilor of the Treasury, David Vilches, although the sentence is not firm, the government team, formed by PSOE and GIPMTM, is studying possible alternatives to continue with these grants. Vilches has not clarified whether the City Council, which has defended the viability of these grants before the Administrative Litigation Chamber, will resort not to sentencing. "You can appeal, but so far the municipalities that have done so have also lost," said the mayor.

It was the Subdelegation of the Government in Malaga that in 2018 made a request to the City Council to cancel the full agreement that approved the ordinance of aid to the Citizenship, for not complying with current regulations. The Sub-delegation then gave the Consistory a period of 30 days to proceed to cancel the agreement. However, the municipal government, then formed by PSOE, PA, GIPMTM and an unassigned mayor, decided to go ahead and not cancel the plenary agreement, so the State Advocacy took the matter to court.

The City Council decided to continue with the aid because it is not a direct subsidy and because it had been applied for 10 years.

The mayor, the socialist Antonio Moreno Ferrer, blamed yesterday, in statements to Ser Axarquía, the PP in the opposition in the Consistory of this ruling. "We believe that it is the responsibility of the Popular Party, for having moved the threads in their day so that aid to the neighbors did not reach their pockets and this has been revealed in this sentence," said the councilman.

Moreno said, however, that since the bipartite government of the City Council (PSOE and GIPMTM) is already working so that as soon as possible it has a new ordinance that benefits, «but all those affected by this ordinance, at least the part that is socially weaker ».

Although, according to Vilches, the ruling annuls the 2018 ordinance, "that means that the aid can no longer be given."

The problem is that this year the neighbors will run out of aid to compensate for the increase in receipts, which means that the settlements that they will have to pay will be much higher than those that have had to face up to now.

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