A fire calcinates seven hectares of scrub in the Penon del Toro de Almayate

A fire calcinates seven hectares of scrub in the Penon del Toro de Almayate

Early morning very moved in the area of ??Almayate, in Vélez-Málaga. A fire originated at the stroke of midnight has kept in suspense the residents of this town in the capital of the Axarquía. The flames have ended up burning between six and seven hectares of scrubland and scrubland, in the area of ??Peñón del Toro, although there have been no evictions from homes. The strong wind prevailing in the area complicated the works of extinction of the fire, some tasks in which several endowments of the Provincial Consortium of Firemen of Vélez-Málaga and Rincón de la Victoria have participated.

The spectacular nature of the flames, which were visible several kilometers away, set off all the alarms among the nearby population. However, the fire advanced towards the interior of the Penon de Almayate, popularly known as El Toro, due to the structure of the Osborne bull that has been at the top for several decades. The lieutenant of Torre del Mar Mayor in charge, Jesús Carlos Pérez Atencia (GIPMTM), moved to the vicinity, to be interested in the situation and to know the evolution of the event. About 3:00 in the morning, he assured that the situation was under control.

The representative of the Provincial Consortium, Francisco Delgado, explained this Wednesday to SUR that the units withdrew shortly before 7.30 am this past morning, calculating the extent of the area calcinated between six and seven hectares of scrub. As for the origin, it is being investigated. It is not ruled out that it could have been intentional or caused by negligence.

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