A Malaga-born wheelchair, trapped between platforms in Madrid by the breakdown of the elevators

A Malaga-born wheelchair, trapped between platforms in Madrid by the breakdown of the elevators

Sergio Hijano, a neighbor of the Malaga municipality of Vélez-Málaga with reduced mobility, has lived an "odyssey" on the platforms of the Madrid rail network, specifically in several stations in the center of the capital, where he was caught being damaged some elevators and not being able, therefore, to leave the tunnels and access the street, so he had to go from station to station until he found an operational elevator.

Hijano explained to Europa Press that taking advantage of a trip to Pinto this past weekend to visit a family member, he and his family decided to visit the center of Madrid on Saturday morning and took the train with the intention of getting off at the station Sun.

As he said, when they got out at the station, security personnel informed them that the elevator was not working "and that it had been like this for a while," which, given that Hijano moved in a wheelchair, prevented him from accessing the upper floor. And go outside.

«They told us that the elevator on the opposite platform did work, so the option they gave us was to get back on the train, get off at the next station and then take the elevator, go to the other side, get back down and take another train in the opposite direction to return to the Sun and go up to the elevator that was operational, ?he said.

However, when they arrived at the next station, Nuevos Ministerios, the family met the same scenario, as security employees told them that the elevator did not work there either and that, again, the only option was to continue until the next station and change there to return to the sun.

Hijano decided to share his experience on his Facebook profile, which has been shared by 6,000 people in just a few days

"I came to think that it was a hidden camera or some kind of joke," he says.

"The most incredible thing is that we got off at the next one, Chamartín, and there the elevator was working, but the security worker told us that the one down to the other platform was also broken," continued Hijano, who has acknowledged that he came to think "it was a hidden camera or some kind of joke."

After this new mishap the family turned to information, where, after apologizing, they were offered as an option to take an elevator that did work towards a route through which a train to Aranjuez had to go «and told us that they could divert it for us to come down and take it ».

?We were going to make a complaint, but they told us that the train was arriving in five minutes, so we had to run to get there on time, take it and finally be able to go to Sol, get off, take the elevator that did work at that station and go up the street, ?he recalled.

Once back to Malaga and before the "helplessness" experienced because of this "unfortunate situation", Hijano decided to share his experience on his Facebook profile, where it has had a huge impact and has been shared by more than 6,000 users in just few days.

«I want to make it clear that the only objective of making this situation public is that this does not happen again, because it cannot be that a person with reduced mobility has to go on an adventure, to see what is found, or to have to modify his travel plan because he knows that the elevator is not going to work there, ?Hijano said.

In the same way, he has clarified that his criticism does not go towards anyone in particular, whether it is Renfe, the Community of Madrid or the City Council, «it does not matter who is responsible, but what can not be is that this situation occurs in a station like Sol, right in the center of the capital of Spain, through which thousands of people pass each day ».

Following the publication on Facebook, the Municipal Police of Madrid has contacted this Malaga and has filed a complaint for what happened before the Office of Attention to Disability, under the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, which is responsible to process complaints regarding interchanges and transport of the Renfe road network.

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