A UMA study rules out the presence of Covid-19 virus remains on the beaches of the Rinconero coast

A UMA study rules out the presence of Covid-19 virus remains on the beaches of the Rinconero coast

The Department of the Environment of the Rincón de la Victoria City Council has reported the result of a study carried out by the team from the Cátedra del Litoral de la Costa de Sol of the University of the UMA that rules out the presence of SARS-COV-2 in the beaches of the corner coast. The Councilor for the Environment, Sergio Díaz (PP), explained that it is a novel study that certifies the non-existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease. In addition, and as they assure us, "these positive results are closely related to the optimal functioning of the water purification in our municipality."

The mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), has also satisfactorily assessed these results "in which no viral remains have been found in the coastal waters, guaranteeing the safety and tranquility of our bathers". "From the City Council we have made an enormous effort prioritizing safety and reinforcing cleanliness and hygiene on beaches and promenades for the summer season," says Salado.

During the months of May and June, seawater samples were collected from different beaches in the municipality: La Cala del Moral, Rincón de la Victoria and Torre de Benagalbón. The collection was carried out in frosted glass bottles that were transferred cold. The methodology carried out was the filtering and extraction of RNA to be able to detect in the most precise way the possible presence of the SARS-COV-2 virus in seawater, to later subject them to an assay using the RT-Qpcr technique for the detection of material. genetic origin from the virus. Finally, the results of the positive and negative PCR controls used were satisfactory.

The director of the Chair, Francisco Ignacio Franco, has indicated that ?the Chair of Littoral Sciences is a pioneer with this study in which work continues to improve the methodology and sensitivity of some analyzes that, carried out continuously, will guarantee the safety of bathing waters on the coast of the Costa del Sol ».

Seal 'Safe Tourism Certified'

During the summer season, Rincón de la Victoria carries out the control and surveillance of the state of the coastal waters and the beaches, monitoring the state of the coastal waters and the beaches to detect possible conditions, "being the result of excellent in the quality of its waters ", adds the mayor. Through the cleaning service of the surface waters of the municipality's coastline, floating and semi-floating solid waste is located and collected (dead fish, plastic, packaging, jellyfish, etc.), as well as the collection of waste and cleaning of floating cream.

In addition, this year the coast of the corner has obtained the 'Safe Tourism Certified' seal for the management of protection and self-protection measures for beach users and workers, as a guarantee and prevention against health risks from COVID-19 , introducing measures and action protocols such as the disinfection of beach equipment, the training of personnel regarding the prevention of the contagion of the virus, the use of PPE, the correct management of the capacity of the beach and the maintenance of safety distances , etc.

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