A year of that fateful January 13 when Julen fell into a well in Totalán

A year of that fateful January 13 when Julen fell into a well in Totalán

Today, Monday, January 13, marks a year since Julen, of little more than two years, fell into a well, more than 100 meters deep and a few centimeters in diameter, on a farm in Totalán and from which he was rescued lifeless 13 days later after some titanic tasks against the mountain and almost without rest by hundreds of specialists and with the whole country pending the outcome, which turned out to be fatal. All this happened now a year ago when it is just over a week before the trial is held, which will begin on January 21.

The events happened shortly before 2 pm that Sunday. The emergency services received a warning that a child had fallen through a deep well on a farm in the Dolmen area of ??Cerro de la Corona, in that town of the Malaga region of Axarquía, when he was with his parents and friends . All the troops were launched to get the little boy alive from that hole just 27 centimeters wide.

An operation formed by firefighters, civil guards, experts such as engineers and miners from Asturias; companies related to construction, Civil Protection, National Police; coordinated by the delegate in Malaga of the College of Civil Engineers, Ángel García Vidal, then began with hope a rescue operation "unprecedented worldwide" of which Spain was aware of each movement.

«It is as if Julen was everyone's son. If his son were there, would he go for him, right? Well, we go for him, ?García Vidal described during the tasks. A well parallel to where Julen was, the jacket or tubing of the perforation and a gallery were some of the infrastructures that had to be made to reach the small one, facing difficulties such as the hardness of the land, which required even microvoladuras .

The subdelegate of the Government in Malaga, María Gámez, has assured Europa Press that those 13 days of rescue meant "facing the unknown and a very complicated challenge", in addition to a "huge collective and personal anguish"; although it was also a fact, he said, "that we had the fiber sensitive to all and that is the positive, especially for the ability to work in such a situation."

In this sense, he has highlighted this joint work «between organizations and people so different, from engineers and miners, to the Civil Guard or those who collaborated in any other way». "That coordination so extraordinary that in normal situations it would have taken 27 protocols and several years to write it was resolved on the fly," he stressed.

Gámez has stated that this "extraordinary goodwill of all made us work piece by piece, without rest, in situations where everyone forgot about themselves and that could have entailed some physical danger", although he has specified that » Fortunately it didn't happen.

The parents of the child, José Roselló and Victoria García, thanked all the support samples and were at all times in the area pending the tasks, which ended at 01.25 hours on January 26 when rescue teams agreed to the point of the well where Julen was sought and they located the lifeless body of the child about 71 meters deep, under a plug of earth that dragged in his fall. A few days ago they talked with SUR and explained how they lived this year.

Civil Guard agents who took out Julen's body expressed that they had a "bittersweet" and "mixed feelings" feeling when they managed to find the little one, but "not with the end we would have wanted." However, they said that "at no time" they stopped believing that he could be alive and gave "more than we could to reach him as soon as possible."

The final autopsy report made by forensics of the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) of Malaga said that the child died from the fall in the well, a few minutes after the precipitation, and pointed out that the cause of death was due to head trauma and spinal cord, presenting two fractures, one in the occipital zone and another in the left temporal region.

The judgment

Everything that happened on January 13, 2019 and the conditions in which the farm and the well were, will be seen in the trial that will begin next 21 of this month against the owner of the plot for an alleged crime of homicide due to serious imprudence . An oral hearing will be held in the Criminal Court number 9 of Malaga city and will continue from 22 to 24 and on the 28th and 30th of this month.

The defendant faces a petition of three years in prison by the Prosecutor and three and a half years in jail by the private prosecution, representing the child's parents.

The prosecutor, in his letter of provisional accusation, emphasizes that the defendant "had not signaled or warned" of the presence of the survey and insists that "he was the only connoisseur" of the existence of the well through which the child fell, adding that "the others did not know" the presence of the same as "barely looked."

The Prosecutor's Office indicates that on the day of the events the defendant went along with his partner and his youngest daughter, as well as Julen's parents and the little one to the farm. When they arrived, the defendant parked on the esplanade in which he had made a work with a canalization or ditch and prepared to show the plot to the father of the child.

At one point, Julen started running, according to the prosecutor, and seeing him, the defendant's couple began to shout the name of the child, reacting "immediately" the father, running both in the direction of the child to stop him and avoid "That damage was done with the pebbles or the walls of the ditch."

According to the story, when it reached its final end "suddenly and surprisingly" disappeared from view, since, at the end and uncapped, rushing inside. The mouth of the well was 27 centimeters in diameter, subsequently reduced to 21-22 centimeters.

The boy's father tried unsuccessfully to get Julen out of the well "injuring his arms in his attempt to reach it, he pushed away the two concrete blocks that surrounded the mouth and put a watering gum in order to" grab "but" was impossible »because« did not know »that the well was 110 meters deep.

The parents' accusation, on the other hand, also accuses the defendant of "negligence" that is "extremely serious" and omissionate behavior, in disregarding the observance of any security measure, considering that there are "a multitude of regulatory violations."

For its part, the defendant's defense points out that the charge of manslaughter for serious imprudence against his client is not upheld, insisting on the "impossibility of having foreseen the risk" that the child would fall and that he warned several times of the existence of wells

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