A young woman armed with a knife threatens to kill police officers at the Vélez Police Station

A young woman armed with a knife threatens to kill police officers at the Vélez Police Station

The National Police has arrested a young woman, of Spanish nationality and 24 years old, after allegedly threatening to kill an agent at the Police Station of Vélez. And it was armed with a knife, as confirmed by the sources consulted by this newspaper, who said that no person was injured during the incident.

The events took place last Thursday in the aforementioned police units, which are located in the avenue of Colón, located in the area of ??Torre del Mar. The alarms jumped late in the afternoon, when one of the agents who watched the police station noticed that at the door, in the area where police vehicles park, there was a person with a suspicious attitude. As the sources have explained, she was dressed in a dark color and was hitting the zetas, which is what is known in police slang to radio patrol cars of the National Police Corps.

Quickly, he requested reinforcements from his colleagues, who went to the area where the incident was taking place. Upon arrival, they located the suspect, who turned out to be the young woman who ended up being arrested, and observed that the police vehicles did not appear to be damaged. The national police recognized the girl immediately. They had had previous performances with her and, since they saw her, they knew it was her. She was in a state of nervousness, so the agents immediately called the health services to assist her.

It was while they waited for the ambulance when the situation became violent. The girl allegedly said she wanted to kill someone, after which, at one point, she took a knife from her clothes, which was about 15 centimeters in length. He had a threatening attitude with the white weapon in his hand, so more fellow national police officers joined the device to end the situation that was taking place. Among them, there was an agent carrying a security shield. They were in the street, at the door of the police station, where the zetas are parked.


The national police tried to dissuade her to depose her attitude. She was encouraged to leave the knife on the ground, however, the young woman ignored the orders given by the officials, whom she constantly threatened. "Today I am going to kill a policeman," was one of the phrases the girl repeated.

Despite this, the young woman continued with the same attitude, always according to the same sources. Therefore, the agent carrying the shield, who was one of those closest to her, took a moment of carelessness to intervene.

Apparently, he managed to snatch the knife, which fell to the ground, and ended up immobilizing the suspect. A performance that lasted just a few seconds, after what his companions pounced on the young woman, managing to reduce her and thus proceed to her arrest.

During the course of the police intervention, the toilets reached the area of ??the events. Therefore, after the arrest occurred, the young woman was treated by doctors, due to the state of excitement in which she was.

For her part, the head of the Unified Police Union (SUP) in Andalusia, Mariló Valencia, wanted to congratulate her colleagues in the National Police "for their great performance." "In it, it has been possible to reduce the detainee without having to regret any serious injury," he said.

Likewise, the union representative has insisted that it should not be forgotten that from the SUP they continue to demand the need, for greater security in police interventions, for each agent to have a vest. Finally, it has demanded what are called means of intermediate defense, such as the laser gun, and thanks to which situations in which injuries to both the acting policemen and possible pedestrians could be avoided, would be avoided.

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