Altruistic Brigade Against Pollution

Altruistic Brigade Against Pollution

The historical delay that accumulates integral sanitation in the province means that beaches and rivers such as the Guadalhorce have become an authentic pigsty, where thousands of liters of sewage, wipes and plastic water, without purification, from such important municipalities arrive daily like Nerja, Coín, Alhaurín el Grande or Cártama. This shameful situation, in the 21st century, causes constant complaints from the tourism sector and neighbors.

However, public administrations, although they are still working to reach zero discharge, seem to be only concerned with cleaning beaches and surface waters in the summer months. For this reason, the Malagasy NGO Equilibrio Marino, created five years ago, and the Alnasur company, specialized in 'quitanatas' ships, have reached an agreement to launch the first 'Brigade of the Sea', a fleet of 15 vessels that patrol during the 12 months of the year, performing cleaning, control and monitoring of spills, dirt and threats to the surroundings of the Alboran Sea.

«Discharges of plastics, wipes, cigarette butts, sewage plants that work poorly or do not have the capacity to treat all the garbage that is generated, illegal fishing and all kinds of aggressions to the marine ecosystem are degrading the waters of the Costa del Sol, with the consequent decrease for the image of one of the areas with the greatest tourist concentration in Spain, ?says Fernando Alarcón, head of the Malaga NGO and promoter of the project, together with the administrator of the nautical firm, Adrián Westendorp.

The team is composed of sailors, divers, scientists and professionals

According to this expert, with great experience in scuba diving and environmental awareness throughout the Malaga coast, although especially in the environment of the natural landscape of the Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo, it is a situation that «unfortunately not only continues in the summer season but throughout the year, and that needs, therefore, an urgent, forceful and, above all, effective response ».

The initiative has already begun with the first beats from the Granada port of Marinas del Este, in La Herradura, where they located this week a large abandoned network near the shore, in a rocky area of ??great value. It is a multidisciplinary team, composed of sailors, divers, scientists and other professionals, who have surface cleaning boats with filtering technology that removes all waste, returning clean water to the sea, a seabed cleaning boat that It is where 80% of the garbage and support vessels that collect data and warn about environmental pests and anomalies accumulate, providing information to institutions to improve action plans and generate new solutions.

"The situation is ridiculous and surreal, we have spills of wipes on a daily basis, and the most serious thing is that they are not solved," says Alarcón, who believes that "awareness and prevention are key pieces," with campaigns aimed at raising awareness about The need to take care of the sea.

«If we want a well-maintained sea with a healthy ecosystem, it is not enough to clean the surface in summer, it is a year-round work that includes cleaning the seabed, monitoring the sources of pollution and protecting marine species, ?he argues. To achieve this, the Brigade of the Sea calls on public and private institutions to support them and thus address this environmental challenge.

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