An 'online' meeting point for foreigners linked to Torrox during confinement

An 'online' meeting point for foreigners linked to Torrox during confinement

The coronavirus pandemic keeps the air space of the entire planet closed. Thousands of foreign residents of the Costa del Sol have been caught in their home countries, so it will be months before they can return to their homes. Here they have friends and family, whom they can only see now through video calls from mobile applications. To promote this type of contact and promote relations between foreign neighbors and other compatriots, the Torroxeña Malagalingo language academy has launched an online meeting service, which takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

From Canada to the United States, passing through Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, London, Scotland or Ireland, foreigners with second residences in Torrox and in other municipalities in Axarquía, which the coronavirus has left outside Spanish territory, three times per week many of them connect in an 'on-line' meeting that allows them to keep in touch, while having fun speaking a little Spanish. From Spain, the foreign neighbors who follow their houses also connect every day from Torrox, Cómpeta, Nerja, Sayalonga, Almayate or Algarrobo.

"These 'on-line' meetings are free, have been very successful and have served to keep in touch with the foreign residents of Axarquía who have decided to temporarily return to their countries of origin with the neighbors who have remained in our country" , have expressed from the private educational center. As they explain, the meetings are "very fun, free and open to anyone who wants to join."

"Many times it has been the case that some neighbors who have not seen each other since the beginning of the confinement have been reunited virtually in these meetings after weeks, producing very intimate and exciting moments," they have detailed from the Torroxeña company. Malagalingo has been a Spanish school for foreigners located in Torrox-Costa for two and a half years. It has students from all over the Axarquía and also foreigners, especially the elderly.

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