Carlota's parents get enough money to pay for her transfer to Valencia, waiting to know the cost of the operation

Carlota's parents get enough money to pay for her transfer to Valencia, waiting to know the cost of the operation

A real wave of solidarity, not only in the form of money but also from doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and other professionals. This is what Jairo García and Marina Lara are receiving, the parents of little Carlota, the girl from Vélez-Málaga who suffered septicemia in August and is waiting to be operated on. After their appeal last Sunday, through social networks, and after publishing an account number and a mobile to make them a Bizum, they have managed to collect, in just 24 hours, the amount necessary to pay for their transfer in a medical ambulance to Valencia, where they want the prestigious surgeon Pedro Cavadas to operate.

However, they still do not have a closed budget of how much the operation will cost at the Vithas 9 de Octubre Hospital in the capital of Turia. "For the transfer by ambulance, which is about 6,000 euros, we already have plenty, but as soon as we know the cost of the operation in the private hospital we will make it public so that there is total clarity and transparency," he told SUR on Tuesday Veleño's father, who has confessed that he is receiving dozens of calls since yesterday, from the media throughout Spain. "People's response has been brutal, we are very grateful," he added.

To collaborateFacebook The family has opened a Facebook page, Ayuda para Carlota, where they tell the case, the evolution and provide contact numbers. Bizum 675 15 72 15 Bank account ES13 0237 0612 7191 7231 0881

Regarding the possibility that her daughter will finally be operated on at the Maternal and Child Hospital, where she remains admitted, García has said that they want "the best" for Carlota. "It is not the same to have his hands and feet amputated than to keep all his limbs except his right hand, we want the best to operate it, he is only four years old and we have to try to ensure that he has maximum functionality," he argued. "We are immensely grateful to the Maternal and Child, my daughter came in dying and they have saved her life, I know she is in good hands, but they have to understand and respect us," he assured.

García has explained that they are planning to transfer his daughter to the Valencian capital this Friday in a medicalized ambulance. "If the doctors here tell us in writing that they can do the same as Dr. Cavadas, we would operate on her here," said Carlota's father, who continually alludes to the case of Sarah Almagro, from Marbella, "who has undergone 17 operations in two years". "We know that this is a very long road, that is why it is so important that amputations are done with a good reconstruction, that it can be as functional as possible," he argued.

They ask for help so that a four-year-old girl from Vélez-Málaga does not lose all her limbs after suffering sepsis Eugenio Cabezas

The wave of solidarity has been such that the mobile number they provided to make them a Bizum was blocked last night, since it only allows 150 operations, with a maximum of 500 euros for each one. However, this case has also raised the worst face of some, since parents have been alerted to the existence of several pages on social networks with false accounts that ask for help for Carlota. "The only valid numbers are those that we have put on Facebook, it is very sad that something like this happens," he said.

Above, Carlota in the Maternal, bottom left before suffering septicemia and to the right, also in the hospital center. / SOUTH

Political reactions

For its part, the case has also generated political reactions in Vélez-Málaga. The PP asked yesterday that the City Council assume the cost of the intervention and the transfer, and the GIPMTM has also joined this proposal, criticizing the mayor and government partner, the socialist Antonio Moreno Ferrer, for not calling a Board of Spokespersons to discuss this matter. The councilor stated on Tuesday that "at all times they have been aware of the girl and her relatives." "It is one of ours, we must seek medical solutions, not do demagoguery like others do," he said.

«I appreciate the involvement of the Health delegate. Tomorrow they have a very important clinical session with the parents. In Andalusia we have excellent specialists, she is in good shape and we want the best for her, "said the councilor from Veleño, while admitting that" he understands the family situation. "They want the best for her and are looking for solutions abroad." "The solution is not to go to one place or another, or the economic contribution that is needed, there are entrepreneurs who have been offered, but the first thing is not to do demagoguery, work quietly and make ourselves available to the family," he concluded.

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