Carmen Casas exhibits her paintings in the Municipal Hall

Carmen Casas exhibits her paintings in the Municipal Hall

The Councilor for Culture, Gema Laguna, reports that next Friday, July 3, the exhibition of paintings by Carmen Casas Úbeda is inaugurated in the Municipal Exhibition Hall, which can be visited on Calle Cristo until July 18, with hours from 11:30 to 13:30, and from 20:00 to 22:00.

With the name of ?Revision?, it is his first exhibition after the great stop that has been the confinement by the covid-19. During this time Carmen has painted, but she has also organized, repositioned, ordered and revised her work, finally, stopping her gaze and selecting to show in this exhibition that part of her work that can best express this present.

Thus, he has selected works in which the emotions represented by three elements are protagonists: the human figure, color and nature. This generally solitary human figure, "confined" in her being, delicate, softened, apparently not expansive, transmits her feelings through color. The nuances of light or the beams of darkness reflect the whole being, the whole person, observer of himself. Nature integrates geometrizing itself powerfully and also showing its parallel or differentiated feeling with respect to the character.

In addition, in this sample another example has been added where the human figure is interrelated with color and places. This is the book "Nemo or Nihilo" in which, on a text by Piedad Checa Martínez, Carmen Casas Úbeda shows us her role as an illustrator. Review the past, look at the present, make the pertinent modifications and make way for a future also reinvented in each crisis, in each moment of life, before each problem, observe to remove, revise to add. What we are. And play with darkness and light since they are both ours, play with what we already know and what we don't know, with what is and what is not.

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