Citizens leave the government and leave PSOE and Por Mi Pueblo in a minority in Cómpeta

Citizens leave the government and leave PSOE and Por Mi Pueblo in a minority in Cómpeta

Just eight months after starting to walk, the tripartite government of PSOE, Citizens and Por Mi Pueblo, in the City of Cómpeta has jumped into the air. The two Councilors of Citizens, Manuel Vega and Mari Carmen Navas, have communicated in writing their passage to the opposition, thus leaving a minority to PSOE and Por Mi Pueblo. The spokesman of the orange formation and until now second deputy mayor, Manuel Vega, said on Wednesday to SUR that this decision is taken for his "differences and disagreements" with the mayor, the socialist José Moyano, and with the first lieutenant of Mayor, Rosaluz Fernández, of Por Mi Pueblo.

"Now we will go to the opposition and from there we will continue working for the people, proposing proposals," he said, without ruling out that "in the medium term, if things are not going well in the City Hall," they may come to file a motion of censure along with the PP, which with four councilors was the most voted force in the last municipal elections of May 2019. The popular ruled in Cómpeta uninterruptedly during seven legislatures, with absolute majorities between 1991 and 2019, with Leovigildo López, José Luis Torres and Obdulio Pérez at the head of the City Hall. Last May the PSOE obtained three mayor and Por Mi Pueblo two.

«In recent months authoritarian excesses and disrespect have been increasing by the representative of Por Mi Pueblo, until reaching its climax in these weeks, in which in addition to me they have disrespected my children between other blunders, ?Vega said in a Facebook post in which he announced his decision. «From my point of view if mr. Mayor is able to consent and tolerate such acts, my place in this group of government is meaningless, it is sterile. Regardless of our ideology and capacity, but we are able to keep a minimum of respect for the position we occupy and the people we represent are nothing more than hungry avatars of power, and everyone knows that this is a famished

For his part, the mayor has assured SUR that he "does not understand" the situation generated. «This is going to be redirected. They are both polite and friendly people, ?added Moyano, who said he cannot keep an eye on what is going on between his hitherto partners. "In all places there may be differences and discussions, but this is going to be reconchanged," he added, while saying he did not know if Mari Carmen Navas also intends to go to the opposition. Finally, Rosaluz Fernández has refused to enter into public controversies: «I did not expect it, I have a very clear conscience, I do not want to enter into political wars».

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