Ciudadanos pacta in Algarrobo with the PSOE, which will continue to hold the mayor's office

Ciudadanos pacta in Algarrobo with the PSOE, which will continue to hold the mayor's office

The group of Citizens, with only one councilman obtained this 26M, but decisive to form a government with an absolute majority in the town, has finally decided who it plans to agree on in Algarrobo. The decision was adopted yesterday and was communicated late in the afternoon to the two formations with aspirations to govern in the locality, PSOE and PP, with six councilors each. The orange lineup has finally opted to agree with the socialist group, which has been the most voted force in these local elections, thus leaving the PP in opposition. The candidate of Citizens, José Luis Ruiz Cabezas, who in the elections of 2015 headed the list of Citizen Merger of Independents, repeats in

Citizen Fusion of Independents was the result of the departure of the PP of militants and supporters of this training in the town to disrespect that was candidate of the party in the elections of 2015, Natacha Rivas, which was signed by the provincial leadership of the popular malagueños, the agreement to include in the candidacy a minimum of four members of the political formation in the municipality.

The popular candidate, Natacha Rivas, met last night through a phone call from Ruiz Cabezas that Cs has chosen to form a government with PSOE and not with the PP.

Alcaucín, Almáchar, Arenas and Cómpeta are still awaiting a pact two days before the plenary session

However, Rivas told SUR that "if the problem for PP and Cs do not agree in Algarrobo is me, I am willing to step aside and allow an agreement."

Rivas said that although he did not inform Ciudadanos yesterday, he will communicate his decision to this group throughout today in an attempt to make possible the pact between PP and Cs in the axarquía municipality before the plenary session scheduled for this Saturday 15 .

Although this newspaper tried to contact the candidate of Citizens in the locality to know to what extent the decision of Rivas to step aside could make possible a pact with the PP, this was not possible.

When there are only 48 hours left before the plenary sessions are set up in Malaga's municipalities, there are still four other municipalities in the Axarquía region where it is not clear who will be the new mayor until 2023: Alcaucín, Almáchar, Arenas and Cómpeta.

In Alcaucín, where PSOE and PP, with four councilors each, aspire to the Mayor's office, it is the PP who holds the key. It is also unclear what will happen in Almáchar, where PSOE and IU, with four aces each, are in the hands of a single PP councilor. In Arenas PSOE and IU still do not close any pact. And in Cómpeta the PP is still trying to agree with Por Mi Pueblo or Cs, to add an absolute majority.

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