COAG claims the urban regularization of livestock farms

COAG claims the urban regularization of livestock farms

The Coordinator of Farmers and Livestock Organizations, COAG Andalucía has asked the Board for the regularization of livestock farms that have been left out of the general plans of the different Andalusian municipalities and are currently in limbo, a situation to which none Administration has offered solution. COAG leaves in this way to the step of the commitment acquired last week by the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, to give solution to the houses in the field of Andalusia. In this sense, the agrarian organization asks that the more than 1,500 goat farms in that province should not be excluded from this regularization, demanded for decades, and that this measure be extended t

Moreno declared in Vélez, where he met with mayors and affected by the phenomenon of irregular houses, that most of the owners will find a way out before the end of the legislature. COAG Andalucía has announced that it will ask for a meeting with the president of the Board to request that, in this will to regulate the houses of the Axarquía, livestock farms that are not legalized due to urban problems are not excluded.

"It is essential that regularization be done in a coordinated manner, because if housing is legalized and not livestock farms, which in many cases existed long before, then it will not be possible to do so, creating a serious problem for the sector," he said Antonio Rodríguez, secretary of Livestock Sectors of COAG Andalucía.

COAG recalls that the reason that many livestock farms are not regularized is that the urban nuclei of the towns have been growing, and the farms have been surrounded by them, with the consequences and damages that these circumstances can cause, both to the farmer and to The next neighbors.

According to Rodríguez, ?now is the time for a solution to a problem that we have been posing for many years and that nobody wanted to hear about. The work has already been done by the farmers, because I insist that we have been requesting the legalizations for a long time, so we hope that the will expressed by the head of the autonomous administration becomes a reality ».

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