Competa boasts wine and flamenco

Competa boasts wine and flamenco

The suffocating heat that struck Axarquia at noon this Thursday has not been an obstacle for thousands of people to go to the 44th edition of the Night of the Wine of Competa, a festival declared of National Tourist Interest, in which After more than four decades of experience, this town, which claims to be the Cornice of the Costa del Sol, sports its best clothes to pay tribute to agricultural work related to the harvest of muscat grapes, with which exquisite broths are made and you pass

Neighbors and visitors crowded at noon the Place de la Vendimia to witness the traditional ceremony of the Muscat grape tread, which this time has had the Sevillian singer Joana Jiménez, winner of the first edition of the contest 'It's called Copla' of Canal Sur, in 2008, as the protagonist. The artist has confessed to SUR, minutes after performing this task, that she had "had a lot of fun." "I had a great time," he said, after admitting that it was the first time he visited the town, located on the slopes of the Sierra Almijara. "I have fallen in love with the site, people are lovely and very friendly," he said. The singer acknowledged that

On the other hand, the provincial delegate of Tourism, Nuria Rodríguez, was in charge of pronouncing the proclamation of the party, in which she highlighted the great tourist projection of the town «for the exquisite wines that are made in Cómpeta, one of which He was chosen by the Kings of Spain at his wedding in 2004 ». The head of the Board highlighted the work of the producers in the area who, "with years of work have achieved that this wine has the quality that distinguishes it today."

He also highlighted the work of the City Council "and those who strive year after year to give this Wine Night the best incentives, so that everyone who comes to continue repeating and attract new tourists," he said, while pointing "support of the Board and the effort to boost tourism in our interior municipalities ».

For his part, the mayor, José Moyano (PSOE), said that Competa "is the best known town in the province." «We are proud that Cómpeta is known everywhere associated with wine and grapes, because talking about Competa is talking about good wine, hospitable people, good crumbs, a charming town on the slopes of the mountains; So it is so that in fact we have a large population of residents, citizens of 35 countries who spend the night here because of the beauty of the town and its surroundings, ?Moyano said.

In the section of the recognitions, the Consistory competed recognized with the awards Vendimiadores de Honor to the neighbors Antonio Portales, Luis Ruiz and Emilio Domínguez. At night, the 'Grapes of Silver' awards will be given to Virginia Gámez, Laureano García and María Martín. The golden brooch of the party will put it this morning the flamenco festival, with the performances of Alfredo Tejada, Rancapino Chico and Joana Jiménez to the singing, and in the dance the Fandangos de Cómpeta, the La Lupi Flamenco Box and the José Flamenco Box Aranda

The delegates of Tourism and Education, above moving the crumbs this Thursday, stage with authorities, below to the left, and the trodden of honor, in full operation, to the right.                  / E. HEADS

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