Corner of the Victory licita the construction of the new 'skate-park' with an extension of 1.120 square meters

Corner of the Victory licita the construction of the new 'skate-park' with an extension of 1.120 square meters

The City Council of Rincon de la Victoria has announced the tender for the construction of the new 'skate-park' in the Huerta Julián area of ??the town for an amount of 104,999.9 euros. The project includes the creation of two areas connected to each other: a low-level bowl area and an area of ??quarters and street above ground on a surface of 1,120 square meters with dimensions of 34 x 33 meters.

The councilman of the area of ??Infrastructure, Sergio Diaz (PP), explained that "the design is thought within the physical possibilities of its location with the aim of improving the facilities of the old skatepark and make the most of natural lighting, avoiding the possible glare or the shadow areas both day and night, since its use will not be limited only to sunny hours thanks to the installation of artificial light points ». Díaz has indicated that "the enclosure will maintain the same hours of use as the Parque de Huerta Julián".

The mayor of Rincon de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), said that "with this new skatepark we serve a historical demand by young people who practice this sport in our town, a movement that is still booming." Also, the councilor has indicated that "this new complex will allow to organize and develop skate competitions at all levels, expanding the range of outdoor sports in the municipality."

For his part, the mayor of the area of ??Youth, Antonio José Martín (PP), said that "the new facilities have been raised so that fans can use the different spaces of the skatepark depending on age and modality, allowing can carry out and evolve in this practice from beginners to experts ». The project includes a transition zone that will connect the skatepark area with the future outdoor auditorium that will share services.

Execution in four months

The bowl area has dimensions of 12 x 10 meters and has multiple lines, allows carve, grind, air and transfers, which makes it easy, fun and safe and allows its users to evolve their technique. In addition, the design contemplates the evacuations of water through two sumps and suitable slopes in order to ensure that the rainwater is properly evacuated.

The skatepark has three quarters, the one located on its south side has a ramp one hundred centimeters high with a hip, two straight areas and another curve that becomes a 200-centimeter-high inclined plane and some stairs, in the northwest corner a quarter with inclined plane and hip one hundred centimeters high, and facing the first on the north side a quarter with hip and two quickers of 140 centimeters in height with an inclined plane of 200 centimeters in height between. Between the quarters a platform is placed at two heights, with two trampolines, a pyramid with gap on one side and an inclined plane with cantilever and hubba. The project has an execution period of four months.

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