Ecologists present allegations to the project to regenerate the beaches of Vélez-Málaga with recycled rubble

Ecologists present allegations to the project to regenerate the beaches of Vélez-Málaga with recycled rubble

The project to regenerate the disappeared beaches of Mezquitilla de Vélez-Málaga with recycled rubble continues its slow administrative process, with deadlines already very tight, because, in theory, it would have to be a reality next summer. Not surprisingly, three years after it was officially announced, the debris treatment plant planned in the Taramillas area of ??Torre del Mar has not yet started up.

The Axarquía Nature Studies Cabinet (GENA-Ecologistas en Acción) has presented to the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture and Environment allegations to the Unified Environmental Authorization of the 'Brick-Beach' project, which has just gone on public display. It is a project funded by the European Union with an amount of five million euros, wrapped under the umbrella of recycling and the circular economy, which are part of large-scale European initiatives in this institution.

?Despite the environmental wink that any recycling initiative implies and the undeniable progress that policies that promote the circular economy represent, precisely this premise constitutes the first of our seven allegations to this project, since we consider that, strictly speaking, there is no recycling or circular economy ?, has argued the spokesman for GENA, Rafael Yus.

In his opinion, «what the recycling plant does is reuse the material from construction for another use, in this case regenerate a beach, so it would rather be a reuse and revaluation, and as such does not enter into the concept of circular economy, because for it to be recycled rubble should be used in the same sector that produced it: construction «.

For GENA, this fact "nullifies all the verbiage that accompanied the propaganda of this project." «The reuse of rubble is not new, it has already been done, such as its use as a gravel for the adaptation of roads and lanes. But even more perverse is the assertion that this project will prevent the uncontrolled dumping of rubble in the surroundings of Vélez, a real and pressing problem, which is unthinkable if we consider that the offender, the one who uncontrollably dumps rubble, always seeks comfort and savings in the dumping fees ?, Yus reflected.

Neighborhood rejection

For the environmental spokesman, this type of behavior is not solved with this rubble recycling plant, "which should be called, in the strict sense, a rubble revaluation plant." "A plant that, by the way, is resorted to by neighbors who see it as a threat to crops and the quality of the air in their homes," he specified.

The rest of the allegations refer to the project itself. "In the first place we show our amazement at focusing the project on a sector where the creation of a beach is precisely the most difficult of the entire Axarquía coast: the Mezquitilla hill, where the sea is currently contained by breakwaters", he pointed out Yus, for whom it would be a question of creating a beach «in a sector of very strong erosion, with what will be a beach that will not last more than one season and will have to be regenerated year after year, as they do on Ferrara beach«. »We show our disagreement with this anti-nature claim to create beaches along the entire coastline, even if it is impossib

So much so that to stop erosion, the project plans to place some high-cost free dikes, ?and all this to ensure a ridiculous beach of less than 100 meters, probably more with political criteria, in front of the voters of that sector, than of real need, "Yus considered. ?The allegations show that this infrastructural blunder will not only not achieve a quality beach, as it will be a beach of grains, not sand, and durable, but that all efforts to maintain it will harm the adjacent rocky marine ecosystems that are found in Morro de Mezquitilla, where there are protected species such as the ferruginous limpet, the Safi limpet, the nacra and the sea horse, among others. All this wi

Map prepared by the environmental group GENA. / SOUTH

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