Ecologists report irregularities in the processing of a waste transfer plant in Nerja

Ecologists report irregularities in the processing of a waste transfer plant in Nerja

The Axarquía Nature Studies Cabinet (GENA-Ecologistas en Acción) has submitted to the Provincial Delegation of Urbanism and Environment of the Junta de Andalucía a letter detailing various alleged irregularities in the granting of the license of opening of a rubble transfer plant of the company Narixa Recicla SL in the north of Nerja, in the Castillo Alto industrial estate, «which has led to the creation of many annoyances in urbanizations located less than 10 meters away from this plant ", as explained by the group.

This complaint occurs just a few weeks after neighbors in the area began to mobilize through social networks denouncing this matter, due to the inconvenience due to noise and dust generated by industrial facilities. For their part, the businessmen defend "the absolute legality" of the plant. However, environmentalists have explained that the problem originates "from an inadequate compatibility of industrial activities in residential areas."

Specifically, it is the Pueblo Rocío urbanization, which corresponds to the EU-10 'Residential and tourist' of the current General Plan of Urban Planning (PGOU) of Nerja, consisting of numerous semi-detached villas, which correspond to urban land not consolidated, separated by a narrow 6 meter wide road, from another large industrial plot called 'Castillo Alto'.

At the end of this environment is where a plot has been installed, just 6-10 meters south of these urbanizations, with an area of ??about 1,639 square meters by the aforementioned firm, dedicated to the collection of remains of pruning, wood and debris. According to ecologists, "municipal sources have assured them that it is a transfer plant, since this waste does not remain in the plant, but is transferred to other authorized landfills."

GENA has detailed that this plant was enabled by means of an urban occupancy and use license LPO-31/2018, by decree of the Mayor's Office No. 1463/2019, «with only the favorable technical reports of the Nerja City Council itself, circumventing the environmental protection legislation applicable to this type of facility, such as Law 7/2007 on Integrated Environmental Quality Management (GICA) regarding air pollution, especially in terms of noise, dust and possible hazardous pollutants mixed with waste that is not classified in this plant «, they have pointed out.

«For the same reasons, this plant has been allowed to bypass Law 22/2011 on Waste and Contaminated Soils, and Decree 73/2012 of the Andalusian Waste Regulation, thus evading the justification of this plant and its safety with respect to public health and the protection of environmental quality, especially atmospheric quality, for which, according to article 29.2 of the aforementioned Decree, an authorization procedure is mandatory, according to Annexes V and VI, addressed to the competent body (Junta de Andalucía) «, have considered from the environmental group led by the biologist Rafael Yus, for whom "in the same way the compulsory processing provided for in Law 16/2011 of P

"An annoying activity"

?Regardless of these flagrant omissions in the processing of this industrial activity, it is public and notorious, and thus it is recorded in numerous writings of the affected population addressed to the City Council, that the activity that takes place in this plant has been creating discomfort in the resident population that lives a short distance away, complaining about the dust that rises and the noise of the heavy machinery that is used to move the rubble, with no guarantees that in this dust there are no toxic or harmful substances for human health (such as the asbestos of the uralite), and although due to lack of analysis this dust cannot be described as 'harmful', bot

«If we stick to the urban plan, more than half of the inhabitants of this urbanization are less than 200 meters away from the aforementioned plant, reducing to 10 meters in the case of the house that is opposite the entrance of the plant, which has had to protect itself with a plant screen of cypresses ?, he continued. According to ecologists, the current PGOU regulations in Nerja, within the chapter on "Regulation of industrial use", in article, details the characteristics that what is classified as "Industries compatible with residential zoning" must meet. which we assume is the one indicated for the ?Nerja Recicla? plant. The PGOU only includes in

GENA-Ecologistas en Acción has denounced these alleged irregularities in the processing of the license of this plant, at the same time that it has raised the need to move this plant to another place "away from urbanizations and to double the width of the access road to the housing estates, an old cattle road, now inoperable, to reduce the risk of vehicle accidents in this area ?.

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