Environment advances in cleaning and clearing the mouths of the Rincón de la Victoria streams

Environment advances in cleaning and clearing the mouths of the Rincón de la Victoria streams

The Department of Environment of the City of Rincon de la Victoria has reported the development of cleaning and clearing work that are being carried out in the streams of the streams of the municipality, as it passes through the sections of the urban centers, according to has indicated the mayor of the area, Sergio Diaz (PP). The actions, included in the cleaning and maintenance plan of the stream channels, began a few weeks ago, ?and the cleaning tasks in the Totalán and Coronas streams are already finished. Today work has begun on three other channels: Serrezuela, Cuevas and Zamora, located in the term of Torre de Benagalbón ?. The goal is to complete all work by the end of th

The mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), highlighted "the need to carry out these works as a preventive and responsible measure in order to guarantee the evacuation of water through our channels." The works consist of cleaning, clearing and removal of waste ?which we usually develop annually, and in some cases twice a year. Punctual cleaning tasks are also carried out in these areas throughout the year, ?says Díaz.

In the plan of cleaning and maintenance of stream channels, different contracting companies with municipal financing are involved. The actions are carried out alternately in the 14 channels that run through the towns of the municipality: Totalán, San Juan, Los Pinchos and El Pollo de La Cala del Moral; Crowns, Cemetery, Tobacconist, Little Birds and Granadillas of Rincón de la Victoria; Caves, Benagalbón, Serrezuela and Santillán de Torre de Benagalbón.

The cleaning work will be carried out by means of specific machinery and are accompanied by the removal of waste, brush and reeds to reduce the risk of flooding. In this sense, the councilor has asked for citizen collaboration to keep the streams of streams and rivers clean, remembering that "any bulky material or waste must be deposited at the Clean Point."

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