Essen, the city with cultural diversity

Essen, the city with cultural diversity

Mari Ángeles Martín López was born in Frigiliana 41 years ago. Graduated in Teaching and graduated in Pedagogy from the University of Malaga, since 2010 she lives in Germany, together with her husband, an industrial engineer from Nerja who works in a multinational in the electrical sector, and the daughter they have in common, Martina, 12 years. After five years living in Hannover, in 2015 they moved to Essen for work reasons. Although she longs for her family and the Mediterranean Sea "a lot" from Spain, she says that if she had a choice, she would stay in the Teutonic country "but closer to the beach."

?Why did you choose Essen to live?

?Because it was a quiet city to educate our daughter and it was close to the city where my husband works, Düsseldorf.

?What time is it and what temperature is it at the moment?

?It is six thirty in the afternoon, the same as in Spain, and it is around 18 degrees.

- What views do you have if you look out the window of the house?

?I see some green, hazel and fir trees, leafy and very beautiful; and on the other side, there is a playground. Now children are not heard because it is dinner time.

- What is your favorite dish there?

?It is called 'Himmel und Erde mit Blutwurst'. It is a kind of mashed potatoes with apple cream that is accompanied with a type of 'blood sausage', different, of course, from the one we knew.

?And in Malaga?

?The fried anchovies that my mother makes, accompanied by my mother-in-law's Russian salad.

?When was the last time you were on the beach?

- Last Christmas. We were with the family paddling a little with the 'kayaks' on the beach of El Playazo, in Nerja.

Mari Ángeles Martín López Age: 41 years. Profession: Pedagogue in a nursery school. Place of birth: Frigiliana Place of residence: Essen, (Germany).

?Recommend a book, a song and a movie for this summer.

?My favorite book is 'The Reader of Jules Verne', by Almudena Grandes, to understand aspects of our history from a very particular point of view. The song is 'Satisfaction', by the Rolling Stones, to remember the summer of 1998, when they delighted us with a concert in the capital. The film would be 'The Lives of Others', by director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, to better understand part of German history.

"Confess something you love and something you hate about Essen."

?I adore your job opportunities, especially for a person with my profile, a woman over forty. I hate that it is not flat for easy cycling.

?How do you perceive Malaga to be seen from outside?

?As a vacation spot.

?What do you miss most about Malaga?

?First, my parents, and then the sea.

?And what less?

?Winter, here is much more beautiful with the snow.

?Tell me three places to visit in Essen.

?The 'Zollverein', an old coal mine transformed into a huge museum and considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco; the 'Baldeneysee', which is a backwater of the Ruhr river and is ideal for hot days; and the 'Gruga Park', a very large garden where they make cultural exhibitions throughout the year.

- In how many countries have you been and in which one would you stay?

?In Portugal, Morocco, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Romania, France, Belgium, England, the Netherlands and Sweden. I would definitely stay in Germany, but close to the sea.

"Tell me something they only have in Essen."

?Its cultural diversity and way of life.

?How would you describe the Costa del Sol to someone who does not know it?

?As its name suggests, it has 360 days of sun to enjoy. With its gastronomy and its fantastic people. It is a beautiful place to rest. But it has much more potential, in addition to tourism and construction, which should be better exploited.

?What do Essen and Malaga have in common?

?The kindness of the people. We all know each other, greet each other, and care for each other.

Do you remember the happiest summer of your life?

?It was when I learned to dive with lungs. I was able to appreciate the wonders of the sea, the flora and fauna so precious that we can find it shallow near the rocks in one day with the transparent and cold water.

My favorite place in Malaga «I don't have a favorite place in Malaga, I have two. First, in Frigiliana, going up Calle Hernando el Darra we find a small tunnel on the right and we continue going up to El Mirador. There, right at the Mirador, at night, you can see the horizon, where the sky meets the sea. And while we delight in the view and the silence, the fragrance given off by the lady at night is fantastic, "López describes." My second favorite place is El Cañuelo beach, which belongs to the natural setting of the Maro-Cerro Cliffs. Fat. Seeing a sunset there, in the area closest to the rocks, cannot be described in words, you have to enjoy it ».

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