Firefighters carry out disinfection work against the coronavirus at the Hospital de la Axarquía

Firefighters carry out disinfection work against the coronavirus at the Hospital de la Axarquía

Cleaning and disinfecting public spaces is one of the most important fronts in the fight to stop the expansion of the coronavirus. Members of the Provincial Consortium of Firefighters of Malaga, belonging to the regional park of Vélez-Malaga, have carried out disinfection work on the exterior of the building of the Regional Hospital of Axarquía this Thursday, in order to help stop the spread of the disease in those spaces such as the hospital center with the most vulnerable personnel.

Firefighters have begun these tasks on the outer perimeter of the health center, proceeding to disinfect common areas, such as stairs, sidewalks, walls or patios. For four hours they have used 12 spray packs to cover a total of 3,500 square meters of exterior surface, as reported by the Hospital in a statement. In addition, during the day, they have installed two ozone machines in the Internal Medicine and Intensive Care units. Ozone is the most powerful biocide that exists, being this gas almost 1,000 times more effective than bleach or chlorine, which allows it to destroy any type of virus or bacteria, either in the air or on any surface.

According to Jose Jesús Hijano, head of the Occupational Risk Prevention Unit of the Sanitary Area, "ozone is a gas capable of reaching any corner or surface without leaving any type of residue and being respectful of the environment." According to the technician, "this type of gas is capable of eliminating any type of virus, bacteria, spores, pathogens, mites or parasites such as lice, bedbugs, aphids, or moths, in addition to disinfecting furniture, air, fabrics, upholstery, computer equipment, ventilation ducts and fixtures ?, he detailed.

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