«It has been an endless year, we fight not to fall apart, Julen wouldn't like it»

«It has been an endless year, we fight not to fall apart, Julen wouldn't like it»

It's cold in the street. Victoria García and José Roselló, the parents of little Julen, take refuge in their house in El Palo, a modest apartment that is located in front of an old Civil Guard quartering. The photos and memories flood the house, which has become a kind of sanctuary for the boy who lost his life a year ago in Totalán after falling through a well over 100 meters deep and his brother Óliver, also deceased. Outside the sun falls as they settle on the living room sofa, together, united, as always. Vicky, as everyone knows her, then confesses that every night, before bedtime, she asks to dream of her children.

It has been 12 months since that field day that ended in tragedy, in which Julen, who was only two years old, died after falling down a well over a hundred meters deep. For them it has been "an endless year." ?It's being very hard, it's the first time we've spent Christmas alone, without any of our children,? says José excitedly.

In the background, a football match intermingles with the conversation. This sport is the passion of José, the same one he shared with his little Julen, who did not separate from a ball. ?He always had one with him, and despite how small he was, when he ran, he carried the ball attached to his foot. If you saw how he stepped on it, with the naturalness that he did ... », explains José proud to change the subject. These days, in which he has worked in the positions of the Park Walk on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, he sometimes had to take refuge inside the house: «I had to get behind, for the suffering. Seeing parents with their children removes everything, and more the

The Julen case trial will be held one week after the first anniversary of the rescue                                          Juan Cano Alvaro Frías

Vicky and José say that this year they tried "not to think too much." What happened, they agree, is something that they will always carry inside, but they struggle to "move forward, since they insist that Julen and Óliver would not like to" see them "defeated." Both are still very present in the day to day of their parents. "Some are very hard, in which you do not want to get out of bed," but, despite everything, Vicky never fails his daily appointment with them in the cemetery. José is unable to accompany her: «I don't know if it is a way to protect myself, but it is not in my mind that I have to go there to see my children. I do not go

They are memories of their children, to those who carry even skin engravings. The ink draws his arms, his legs, with the names of the little ones, soccer balls and even Maui. José Roselló says that Julen loved this cartoon character from the Disney movie 'Vaiana': ?One day we were going to dinner on the street and he had 15 euros. Then he saw a Maui doll in a shop and I ended up buying it for the illusion he was doing. In the end we returned home without biting, but he was very happy and that makes up for everything. A child is the best thing that can happen to you in life, it is a love that cannot be compared to anything in this world ».

Ñito Salas

José turns his head back to look at a bookcase in the living room on the floor that is full of memories of the little ones. There follows the Maui doll, next to a photo of Julen. As he has just done, José admits that sometimes it is inevitable to look back. Remember those 13 days "of hell" that lasted the rescue of his son in the mountains of Totalán. Try not to think too much about it, "because if I never head for peace." Criticism that they did not receive information properly when they were "up there", but prefer not to stay with that and only with the few positive things of that situation: "We are eternally grateful to all who left their skin

Solidarity samples

The thanks of Vicky and José also goes to all those who have shown their solidarity, that they have felt from half the world. «Look, that wooden heart is hand carved and sent from Italy. For example, those eternal roses with the names of Oliver and Julen sent them to us from France, ?says José. A support they feel every day, especially from their relatives and friends, who care relentlessly for them.

«It will be very hard, so we hope you have a good time»   the judgment

«For us it is an accident that could have been avoided, but it will be a judge who has to decide on that»   about what happened

More, if possible, at this time, when the trial against David Serrano, the owner of the property where the events occurred, is accused, who is accused of a crime of reckless homicide. They recognize that "it will be very hard," so they expect "to happen as soon as possible." As SUR published, there were conversations between the parties, through their legal representatives, to reach an agreement in the face of the trial, but Vicky and José prefer not to pronounce on the matter: "Those are things of the lawyers."

As for what happened at the Totalán estate, they insist that this was an accident that could have been avoided, but that what happens in the trial will not be decided by them, but by a judge. Meanwhile, the relationship with David Serrano is "void." «My perception is that it broke at the moment we said we did not support the report of his lawyers in which it was said that a pickaxe had caused Julen's death by hitting him in the head. The situation hurt for him, but especially for my cousin - David's sentimental partner - who was like my sister, ?says José Roselló.

«There is no relationship, it broke because we do not support the pickaxe report»   David Serrano

Now they hope to turn the page after the entire judicial journey. They think of having another child [Vicky's last pregnancy was spoiled in the first few months], but that he "arrives when he has to be." They are "excited" about it, with having another child and finding happiness, without ever "something similar happening to them". Meanwhile, the night falls in El Palo. That same full moon that illuminated them a year ago in the mount of Totalán does it again now through the streets of the district of Malaga that they walk before going to bed. And Vicky silently asks again to dream about his children.

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