Manuel Rincón bursts into fashion

Manuel Rincón bursts into fashion

At 67, Manuel Rincón enjoys a "happy" retirement, although very active. He continues painting, a hobby in which he has been working for more than forty years. He continues to head Rincón Dental and the Institute of Fertility that bears his surname, after parting from a large part of the clinics, which he sold three years ago to the Vithas group. In addition, sport is still another of his passions, as patrons of numerous clubs, from amateur to professional, in the whole of Andalusia. However, now he has embarked on a new personal challenge, fashion design, from several of his artistic creations.

The idea arose a couple of years ago, after he proposed to the company that manufactures the equipment for the women's handball team if it was possible to capture some of his canvases, mostly of an abstract and expressionist style, in a tie . «I remember that I went to Berlin to watch a game and I took 200 ties, which I gave away, then at a sports journalists' gala in Cádiz I also took them. They were the pump, they caused a great sensation, and from there I came up with the idea of ??launching a line of clothes and accessories, "says Rincón.

Painting and art have been for him "a professional and personal escape valve", especially during the more than 25 years that he was at the forefront of municipal policy in Vélez-Málaga, after founding the Independent Group Pro Municipality of Torre del Mar (GIPMTM), who attended the municipal elections for the first time in 1987. Retired since 2013, Rincón assures that his work as councilor has given him "many joys and also many sorrows". "I learned a lot, because when I arrived in 1987 I had no idea how a City Council worked," says the exconcejal, who says he is preparing a book about his life. "They are not memories to use, are experiences and l

The launch of the first fashion collection was made possible thanks to the support of the Dutch entrepreneur Jan Heere, who worked for twelve years in important fashion chains such as the Spanish Inditex. The pieces designed have been baptized as 'Empathy', and include swimsuits, T-shirts, ties, handmade handbags in Ubrique (Cádiz) and beach pareos, among others, that feature the motifs and colors of creations such as 'Chapapote', 'Mediterranean', 'Gritos' or 'La casita'.

The next collections will also have names of feelings, although Rincón wanted to start with empathy, "something that is very important in life in general," he points out. "This is the first collection of clothes that goes on the market after 40 years of staining, first doing something figurative and then more abstract, and then tell me that what I'm doing is nice, I'm delighted," he says.

Six thousand works in 40 years

Throughout these four decades of artistic career, Manuel Rincón estimates that he has been able to make some six thousand works, many of which can be seen in public buildings in Torremolinos and Benahavís, as well as in the clinics that he owned until now. barely three years. As he confesses, the paintings in which the fashion collection is inspired "have left the soul", as "Chapapote", one of the main works for the line, in which he wanted to reflect the seabed and what happened then with the poured, "a painting that demonstrates the lack of sanity of society."

"This project is important because it also serves to support Andalusian sports, since the collection collaborates with the Manuel Rincón Béjar Foundation, recognized by the Andalusian Sports Journalists Federation," adds the Torreño artist, who details that the garments are produced in Puente Genil (Córdoba) and that involves the creation of "new jobs". For now, they are for sale in a store on the central street Martinez and negotiates with large chains such as El Corte Inglés.

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