Neighbors of Benajarafe and Chilches call a protest for the delay in the execution of the Litoral Path

Neighbors of Benajarafe and Chilches call a protest for the delay in the execution of the Litoral Path

The Plataforma Ciudadana Association for Benajarafe and Chilches (ByCH), with the collaboration of the Las Canteras de Valleniza Association, has convened the III Claiming March along the Litoral Path, a project that accumulates more than four years of delays and non-compliance in the western zone of the municipal term of Vélez-Málaga. The action will take place this Saturday, July 13, with departure at 7:00 pm from Chilches Station and finish at Benajarafe Station.

"One year after the first march, we summoned the neighbors to walk as a family along what should be the path of the Litoral Path between the towns of Chilches and Benajarafe," said the group's vice president, Olga Rodríguez. According to this group, the project has accumulated several years of delays "due to the lack of interest of the local government and despite the massive neighborhood support for the organized protest actions".

In this sense, from the platform they have asked "once again the massive support of the neighbors, for the Coastal Path, but also to claim the dignity of our communities". "Although the mayor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer (PSOE), repeatedly ignores the demands and needs of these neighbors, refusing to implement, as the law indicates, the Municipal District Boards, which would guarantee a minimum budget for our localities, instead of a minimum budget ", said Rodríguez.

The group has also been against the intention of the bipartisan government, PSOE and GIPMTM, to sell a public plot, that of Los Arquillos, "against the majority will of the neighbors, who see in that plot an indispensable element to structure a center and an urban identity for Benajarafe «. Also, the platform requires improvements to transform the old N-340 into a large avenue, which put a brake on the danger for the neighbors when traveling through the shoulders without any protection.

The works of the first section of the Senda Litoral, barely 470 meters long, accumulate months of delays, "and despite the discomfort and anxiety that this generates in the neighbors, the mayor does not bother to give any explanation", has been complained about the platform, while he recalled that the projects of the other three sections "remain forgotten for almost a year in a pile of papers, orphans of those who are interested in them." "They continue to treat us as second-class citizens, who, more than minimal public services, receive infraservices," he adds.

"Although we have spent a year against a wall, in the face of disinterest, comparative grievances and unfulfilled promises, we will continue to demand investments and public services to be compared with the rest of the municipality, and we can do it with our heads held high", concludes.

The first stretch of the Senda Litoral in Chilches, awarded to the Asturian company Mediamadera Ingenieros Consultores S. L., started last February, with a budget of 333,785 euros, and an initial execution period of 49 days. However, more than four months later the works are not finished. Yes, two wooden footbridges have been installed, one 35 meters long and three meters wide, and the other nine meters long and three meters wide. But the green areas are still to be adapted and the trails finished.

Delays in the works of Calle del Mar in Torre del Mar

On the other hand, the PP of Vélez-Málaga has also denounced on Wednesday "the unjustified delay" that are undergoing the pedestrianization works of the northern section of the street of the Sea, in Torre del Mar, and "the consequent damage" that this delay is bringing the businessmen and merchants of the area in full summer season. The 'popular' councilor Luis García recalled in a press conference that this action, which affects a section of about 150 meters, was awarded in January for an amount of about 200,000 euros and had a completion period of three months, "but We are already in the middle of July and it is not yet known when the termination

Garcia explained that many businessmen and businesses in the area have contacted the PP "to show their concern for what is being an absolutely unjustified delay" which, he considered, could have taken "many measures" , how to extend work shifts or increase the workforce, which could have accelerated the pace of execution. "This is demonstrating on the one hand a manifest disinterest on the part of the current government team in what is the management of the completion of this work and, on the other hand, is demonstrating the ineffectiveness of this government team in the management of everything that is not party and entertainment, "he said.

In relation to this matter, the councilor has announced that the municipal PP group in the City will present a motion in full "to propose to the government team the implementation of grants, bonuses or subsidies for the 31 commercial premises that are in this stretch of the street of the Sea, so that in some way those losses that are suffering in the middle of July are reduced ".

For its part, this newspaper has tried unsuccessfully to obtain an assessment of the bipartite government team, PSOE and GIPMTM, on the situation of the works and the delay they accumulate.

The mayor of the PP Luis García, this Wednesday at a press conference at the headquarters of the popular sailors. / SUR

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