Neighbors of Benajarafe demand the arrangement of streets "with 20-centimeter pits"

Neighbors of Benajarafe demand the arrangement of streets "with 20-centimeter pits"

Miguel Ferrer and Asunción Barrera are a Malaga couple who bought a home in the Río Adelfas urbanization, in Benajarafe, two decades ago. Since they retired five years ago, they spend more and more time in the property, due to its proximity to the beach and the tranquility of the surroundings. However, they feel great insecurity due to the terrible state in which their street and other surrounding areas are located, "with holes 20 centimeters deep," according to reports.

"We pay the same taxes as the rest of the neighbors, they are more than a thousand euros a year between the IBI and the entrance of vehicles, and it is not normal that they do not fix the street," complained Ferrer, a 72-year-old retired technical engineer. In his opinion, the City Council "cannot put the excuse that these urbanizations are not received." "It seems that since we do not live here all year and do not vote in the elections they do not listen to us," he complained.

Residents of this urbanization warn that the terrible state of the asphalt on several of the streets is a "very serious problem of road safety", since "stones jump the size of tennis balls, damage the vehicles and you go in fear along the sidewalk Barrera complained. "There are neighbors who have suffered falls and accidents," he added. The deficit of public lighting is another of the problems presented by streets such as Aldebarán or La Misota, which are also the only access for many urbanizations located in Benajarafe. "The only points of light that there are we have to put the neighbors on the facades of our houses, paying for it from our pockets,&quo

For her part, the president of the Almayate and Chilches Neighborhood Platform, Olga Rodríguez, pointed out that the problem of urbanizations is "generalized" in the area. "It is a historic demand with the City Council, that they be received and that they be arranged," he added. "We are aware that the PGOU obliges to constitute itself as urban planning entities for conservation, but there are urbanizations that are older than the plan," he reflected.

"We have no obligation"

For his part, the mayor of Velez, Antonio Moreno Ferrer (PSOE), pointed out that these developments "are not received." "They should have been established as urban entities, so we cannot intervene," he said. However, he said that "on time," in extreme cases, "some emergency arrangements have been made." "We are working to achieve the development of all urbanizations," he said.

In this sense, the Councilor for Infrastructure, Juan García (GIPMTM), indicated that his wish would be to be able to attend to all the neighborhood complaints received. "But we cannot carry out some works so that afterwards the controller tells us that we cannot pay for them because they are in an urbanization that is not received," he added. Still, he promised to study these neighborhood demands of Benajarafe.

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