Nerja offers temporary accommodation to a dozen homeless people and brings food to the elderly who live alone

Nerja offers temporary accommodation to a dozen homeless people and brings food to the elderly who live alone

The coronavirus is hard shaking the lives of all Spaniards, although the most vulnerable groups are those who are having the worst time. That is why public administrations continue to take measures to try to mitigate its effects. In Nerja, a dozen homeless people in the municipality have been transferred by the Local Police and sheltered in temporary premises of the Enrique López Cuenca Sports City. This measure has been taken at the request of the association Sympathize with Poverty, which requests the collaboration of the citizens to provide them with blankets and other needs, offering the telephone number of their person in charge to collect them, 622 102 117, as reported by the C

Councilor for Social Services, Daniel Rivas (PP), said that "the goal is for people who are homeless to have safe places and receive the best possible care in this emergency situation." Thus, the City Council has provided these facilities, where mattresses have been installed and a bathroom and showers have been enabled. In addition, hot food will be provided daily. "At the moment there are a dozen, but we have the possibility of accommodating double," said the mayor.

For his part, the nerjeño councilor has reported that the Social Services will also provide food at home to elderly and disabled people who live alone, so that they do not have to travel to buy food. The distribution will be carried out by volunteers from the local Civil Protection group. The councilor asks anyone who knows people in this situation to report to the Municipal Social Services, at 617 428 417, during business hours.

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On the other hand, the suspension of face-to-face classes due to the pandemic has also affected municipal spaces such as the School of Music and Dance. However, the teachers maintain communication with the students through telematic means, so that the teaching activity does not stop, while the order of confinement in the homes that establishes the state of alarm decreed by the central government because of the coronavirus .

Thus, the teachers propose to the students activities related to the teaching program that they can carry out at home. "Each teacher uses the most appropriate means according to the subject they teach, video calls, instant messaging, email and others," they have detailed from the Nerja Town Hall. The Councilor for Education and Culture, Gema Laguna (PP), explained that «this way the students carry out a very productive work, even more than in a regular class, since they do not accumulate the work for a session, but the distribution of the work is better time throughout the week ».

In the case of the dance modality, the YouTube platform is being used, in which, through a private channel, the teachers make videos of classes so that the younger students can perform the exercises at home without losing the routine. "Videos are also sent with stretching tables and specific exercises, not only for the students, but also for the whole family to do together and thus stay in shape, as far as possible," they have detailed from the City Council.

Main facade of the Nerja Town Hall. /                         E. HEADS Forward Nerja Maro requests that the collection of municipal taxes be suspendedThe municipal group of Adelante Nerja Maro has asked the minority PP government team in the City Council of Nerja to exempt from municipal tax payments to neighbors, "at least , while the coronavirus alarm state lasts ». "This measure would, to the best of our ability, help alleviate the effects that the COVID-19 crisis has had for workers and employers," explained in a statement, which they considered that "we are in a moment in which all public administrations must put their shoulders close,

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