New delivery of wallet cards in Nerja

New delivery of wallet cards in Nerja

The councilor for Social Services, Daniel Rivas, reports that members of the Red Cross have delivered today, in the Plenary Hall of the City Council, a third batch of wallet cards, for families in need as a result of the coronavirus crisis can cope with basic needs for food, hygiene and cleaning in supermarkets and local stores. Today, five new cards have been delivered, bringing the number of cards processed in our municipality to 34.

The delivery of these wallet cards began in Nerja on the 12th, and can be requested at the Community Social Services or at any Red Cross headquarters. It is a program financed by the Andalusian Government that manages the Red Cross in coordination with the Community Social Services, which complements and reinforces the entire line of aid that has already been launched from the state, local and regional level .

The councilor recalls that the wallet cards are recharged monthly with an amount proportional to the number of people that make up the family, said amount being 150 euros for one person, 200 for two or three and 250 for four or more, and reiterates his thanks to the Department of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation, and the Red Cross, for the implementation of programs like this, especially in times as difficult as those we are experiencing.

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