Nine arrested for the theft of avocados in the Axarquía

Nine arrested for the theft of avocados in the Axarquía

Nine people have been detained by agents of the Roca de la Guardia Civil team of Vélez Málaga, within the framework of the 'Aguaquinto operation', for the alleged theft of avocados on farms in the towns of Benamocarra and Vélez Málaga.

They are attributed with at least eight crimes of burglary and theft of fruits from the countryside and two of vehicle theft. The Civil Guard has recovered 300 kilos of avocados that were ready for delivery to a wholesale store of fruit and vegetables, two vehicles and 1,500 euros in cash.

According to a note sent by the Civil Guard, the investigation was initiated after learning that several robberies had been committed in different farms of the Axarquia, mainly avocados because of its high price in the market to be in full collection.

The thieves acted at night and came to enter several times on the same farm, which caused alarm among farmers in the area, mainly engaged in the production of this type of subtropical fruits.

Civil Guard

After numerous follow-ups, the agents identified several members of the organization who were allegedly responsible for stealing vehicles that they later used to commit the robberies. To the agricultural exploitations they acceded cutting the wire fences or breaking the doors of the fences.

Later, according to the Civil Guard, they delivered the merchandise to the owner of a farm that supposedly sold it wholesale in a warehouse as if the goods were his. The investigation carried out determines that this businessman issued checks to the bearer without any type of control, what would have supposed some benefits for the organization of 170,000 euros during the last agricultural campaigns.

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