PSOE rejects the offer of IU to share the Mayor's office in Arenas, which will recover the PP

PSOE rejects the offer of IU to share the Mayor's office in Arenas, which will recover the PP

Except for last minute surprises, the PP candidate, Manuel Ríos Sánchez, will be elected this Saturday mayor of the municipality of Arenas as the most voted candidate. And this after IU and PSOE, which add five mayors (the absolute majority) have not been able to reach an agreement that allows them to continue retaining the Mayor's Office. Both groups have been governing since September 2016 after the two forces registered a motion of censure against the then mayor, the popular Manuel Rios, who was elected by minority. The motion of censorship allowed the head of the IU list, Francisco Laureano Martín, to accede to the post of mayor. However, the relations between IU and PSOE u

Socialist sources have confirmed in this regard that PSOE members will vote for their candidate. This means that the most voted candidate will be elected. According to the electoral results of the 26M, the PP has four councilors, being the most voted list; IU, repeated with three mayors and the PSOE, only two.

This means that the same situation will be repeated four years ago, so the PP will govern as a minority.

In 2015, Ríos was elected mayor with the support of his three councilors. In those elections, PP, IU and PSOE achieved the same number of councilors, three each.

From IU, the current acting mayor, Francisco Laureno Martín, has expressed his suspicion about the possibility of a covert agreement between the PP and the PSOE. "We could have reached an agreement, but the PSOE did not want to. They have not asked for anything and they have not wanted anything with us, "Martín said.

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