Rincon de la Victoria pays tribute to Manuel Alcántara with a sculpture and pottery

Rincon de la Victoria pays tribute to Manuel Alcántara with a sculpture and pottery

This Friday he would have turned 92 years old. Manuel Alcantara passed away on April 17, 2019, although the memory of his life and his work are still very much alive among the people of Malaga. Also in Rincon de la Victoria, where the poet and articulista of SUR established his residence at the end of the eighties, in a house next to the promenade. In a nearby enclave, a pottery and sculpture will be inaugurated tomorrow in his memory, in an act that will be attended by authorities, family and friends of the writer from Malaga.

It will be at 11.30 am in the new José Domínguez Galdón square 'Pepe el Boticario', an extension of the Al-Ándalus square, next to the City of Rincón de la Victoria. The sculpture is the work of the Torreño artist Francisco Martín, author of numerous pieces throughout the province, such as those of King Alfonso XII, Chanquete or the discoverers of the Cave in Nerja. For its part, potter Chari Ruiz, of Ceramics Moclinejo, has been responsible for making a large mural in tribute to Alcantara after the commission of the Rinconero City Council.

With the collaboration of also the ceramist Ángel Bejarano, it is a composition of more than 400 tiles worked under the technique of dust jacket, where the blue and yellow colors stand out. In the mural you can see a jábega, a typical boat on the corner of the corner, flanked by two rudders, which fly over seagulls, next to a poem of the recently deceased poet who dedicated him to the municipality where he lived until his death.

'I came to the sea and dreamed' is the title of the artisan and artistic composition to which the potter has dedicated more than two months of work in her Moclinejo workshop. Alcántara has a street with its name in the corner town since the late eighties. In this way, a sculpture of an owl, one of his favorite animals, was placed in July 2009, also by Francisco Martín. In June 2013, the library of Torre de Benagalbón was also baptized with its name, installed in an old house of road laborers.

In the event tomorrow will be present, among others, the president of the Diputación de Málaga and mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Escaño Salado (PP), members of the municipal corporation, relatives of Manuel Alcántara, the ceramist author of artisan work and the sculptor of Torre del Mar.

The poem that can be read in ceramics is as follows:

I came to the sea doubting if I would be

where I left it: next to the line

where the foam eventually silences

Your old discussion with the bay.

I reached the sea. I was still.

She the same and I different. Wow

one thing for another and, for the beach,

go both in search of that day.

I came to the sea and found myself in the sand

?Child carrying buckets of grief

and shovels on the edge of summer.

I went to sea, being made to remember,

for losing me again as I get lost

next to the one I went, holding hands.

Manuel Alcantara to Rincon de la Victoria

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