Rincón de la Victoria tender the improvement of pedestrian and rolling pavements for 500,000 euros

Rincón de la Victoria tender the improvement of pedestrian and rolling pavements for 500,000 euros

The Department of Infrastructure of the City of Rincon de la Victoria has put out to tender a new project improvements of pavements in sections and streets of the municipality for 500,000 euros, as reported by the mayor of the area, Sergio Díaz (PP). These are actions in a total of fifteen different locations where there are streets and lanes whose road pavement is very deteriorated with the existence of deficiencies of various kinds with sinkholes, subsidence, erosion or slippery areas, and irregularities "that make the execution of these jobs, "explains Díaz.

The mayor of Rincon de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), stressed "the need for actions on the renewal of pavements rolled in roads and lanes where a significant volume of vehicles travel daily in order to ensure greater security vial ». In addition, Salado recalled "the great investment effort that we are making to carry out infrastructure works for the municipality, with works of asphalting of streets, investments in scattered lanes, etc.": Salado recalled that "these actions are included in the agreement of investiture of the Popular Party with Citizens ».

The actions will consist in the renewal of the rolling layer in Tamadaba and Bandama streets and in a section of Limonero street; in sections of the old layout of the Ctra. de Benagalbón, in Montecillo street and Picadero, in sections of Alborán street and El Faro, Neptuno street, and the lane in Las postas, north zone. The paving of new sections in the Turco lanes and a section of Rivera will also be executed, a stretch in the streets of Los Catalanes and Manuel Vázquez Montalbán. Likewise, road improvements will be made in Camelot street, in a section of La Loma street, in the Las Olivinas access road, and a section of the Los Millanes lane.

The works consist mainly of the renewal of the pavement of roadway including the corresponding horizontal signaling, with the conditioning of all types of covers of manholes, wells and drains, and the replacement and repair of damages that may be caused to urban networks. The term of execution of the works is four months. Companies can submit their offers until June 5.

On the other hand, the improvement works on pavements continue on more than a dozen streets with an investment budget of 227,436.94 euros. Recently completed the asphalt works in a section of the Avenida de Málaga in La Cala del Moral after an investment of 91,000 euros, and in different sections of avenues and streets included in the Municipal Plan with an investment of 127,563.06 euros that have included different areas located in Torre de Benagalbón and La Cala del Moral. Improvements have also been made in a dozen streets of the Añoreta Urbanization of a financing of 206,923.99 euros financed through the Unconditioned Funds 2018 of the Provincial Council of Malaga.

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