Sebastian, the Millionaire Mason of Frigiliana

Sebastian, the Millionaire Mason of Frigiliana

As if he had not just won a million euros, Sebastián Sánchez went to work to reform a house in the center of Frigiliana yesterday. «I am in a cloud, I prefer to have a busy mind. What else can I do? This is what I have done all my life, since I was 13 years old, ?confessed yesterday to SUR, still visibly excited, this mason of 53 years after knowing that he had won the Megaceillion Scratch of the ONCE.

Through the half-open door of the house where he was working, neighbors kept congratulating him. "How lucky you enjoy it with great health," his countrymen told him. Married and with two children, aged 23 and 18, Sánchez said that, "for the moment", he does not plan to stop working, despite having the peace of mind that he already has 800,000 euros in his current account, once he the deduction that will make him the Treasury of the prize of one million euros of the draw with which he was awarded last Tuesday. It was around 1 pm when the seller David Martínez went through the work where Sebastián Sánchez was working. "Almost every day I buy the coupon and s

He started scratching up on the scaffold, "and suddenly many zeros started to come out, I became very nervous and said, what is this?" Recalled the new millionaire of Frigiliana. The seller passed the ticket through the machine, which said "awarded, collect in entity." "He began to spin, he sat with his hands on his head, he gave me tremendous joy, because it is the first time I give such a prize, and it is the second time he touches this Scratch in Spain," explained the seller of the ONCE, who has been in this position in Frigiliana since 2003.

Sebastian's luck has been enormous, since the possibility of hitting this draw is one in six million, unlike the daily coupon, which is one in 100,000. "For now I will continue working in the work and in the field, it is what I have been doing all my life," said the graceful, who yesterday was the topic of conversation in his hometown and in other nearby as Nerja. "In the bank they have already told me that I have to go talk to them, I do not want to rush, I will think well what I do with the money," Sebastian continued without letting go of the palustre, with which he cleaned the remains of cement from his hands . "Photos I don't want, I'm too ugl

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