«Sicilian pistachio ice cream and hazelnut are the most demanded»

«Sicilian pistachio ice cream and hazelnut are the most demanded»

Davide Colombo was born in Italy 33 years ago, but since 2010 he lives in Malaga, where he arrived with his partner, Laura Gadda, looking for a job opportunity for both. That year they mounted a first ice cream shop on the seafront of Pedregalejo, in the capital of Malaga, but in 2012 they closed it. Since 2013 they have been located on the promenade of Rincon de la Victoria, a town where their ice creams have become famous "for having the authentic taste of Italian ice cream", he presumes.

- Since when do you live in Rincón de la Victoria?

Between 2010 and 2012 we were living in the capital. We opened the first ice cream shop on the seafront of Pedregalejo, but it did not go too well and in 2012 we closed it. The following year we came to live in Rincon de la Victoria and the truth is that we are super comfortable, we love Rincon de la Victoria, I think it is the best place to live, the quality of life is incredible.

- How many types of ice cream do you offer in your letter?

Ugh, I have an assortment of more than 80 flavors, but every season I get a new one. In addition, in the refrigerators I only fit about 30, so I have to change them, depending on the months of the year and what we are seeing that the customers like the most.

- What other products do they make?

We also make typical homemade Italian desserts and cakes, waffles and crepes. We no longer only sell here in the ice cream parlor, but also supply restaurants and other ice cream parlors.

- What are the most demanded flavors?

The Sicilian pistachio and the hazelnut are two of the ones that people like the most, they are the most demanded, although it is true that all our ice creams are totally handmade, made with fresh products, the main raw material comes from Italy, like machinery, although I also buy many local products, such as avocados or mangoes.

- What's new for this summer?

Precisely, we have launched a new avocado and honey ice cream, which is working very well. We have also created an ice cream from Baileys, coffee liqueur, a vanilla from Madagascar, and we have the authentic Sicilian cassata ice cream, with ricotta cheese, bitter orange and chocolate chips.

- What profile does your clientele have?

The vast majority are national, both local and other nearby towns. We are an ice cream parlor with a medium high profile, something more expensive than the rest, but people know that we offer the highest quality, we are the authentic Italian ice cream.

- What do they offer during the winter months?

In winter we open only on weekends, and we have a larger assortment of pastry, but we also offer ice cream.

- Complete the average, what is the secret of a good ice cream?

The raw material has to be fresh and of the highest quality. Then there is the touch of the ice cream master. We come from family tradition and after nine years we continue to train, going to international fairs, in Italy, Denmark, Saudi Arabia and Poland, to learn from the best.

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