Social Welfare joins the World Day against human trafficking with a manifesto with the Papilio association

Social Welfare joins the World Day against human trafficking with a manifesto with the Papilio association

The Department of Social Welfare of the City of Rincón de la Victoria, along with the Papilio Association, have joined this Thursday to commemorate the World Day against Trafficking in Persons with a manifesto where they show a strong rejection and condemnation of one of the practices more denigrates who directly attack the freedom, integrity, dignity, health and safety of millions of people around the world.

The councilor of the area and second deputy mayor, Elena Aguilar (Cs), has highlighted "the need to give a joint response to eradicate these practices that violate human rights, and promote greater social awareness of the alarming figures that place the country among the main destinations for trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation ?. Aguilar also wanted to highlight "the important work of this group that has been working in the municipality since 2015 in combating social inequality and counteracting the conditions of vulnerability of people who are at risk or social exclusion."

«From the Social Welfare area we collaborate with the Papilio Association throughout the year in different actions, in addition to sharing the lines of action developed, the last ones carried out during the State of Alarm in the face of the increase in cases due to the crisis situation of the COVID-19 ». The mayor has presented the edition of some informative brochures that explain the problematic situation and where to go in case of knowing a case or suffering it.

Papilio's president, María Vargas, explained that «from the association we help victims of trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, prostitution, risk or vulnerability, to rescue and help rebuild the lives of women victims of this situation". Papilio, a non-profit association, offers free legal advice, social and employment support, voluntary return, health care, a shelter and a reintegration floor.

Vargas has also recognized the support and collaboration of the Social Welfare area for addressing the problem and establishing joint lines of action. People interested in contacting the Papilio association can do so through the telephone number: 600 955 599, or email:

Trafficking consists of recruiting people through the use of force or other forms of coercion for purposes of sexual exploitation, labor, begging, etc. 80% of global trafficking is carried out for the purpose of sexual exploitation, and of that percentage, more than 90% of victims are women and girls. In Spain, 5 million euros are raised daily from prostitution.

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