Ten boats will clean the waters of the coast of the Axarquía during the summer season

Ten boats will clean the waters of the coast of the Axarquía during the summer season

Summer is coming and the administrations are trying to offer the best side of the beaches, despite not yet having comprehensive sanitation in the whole Costa del Sol, since the Nerja treatment plant is still not finished. A total of ten boats will be in charge of cleaning the surface waters of the coast of the Axarquía region starting this Saturday, according to what the Municipal Association of the Costa del Sol-Axarquía, responsible for this service. The president of the agency, Gregorio Campos, has presented the device, which will be operational until September 15 and will be responsible for removing the waste present in the water of the coast of the municipalities of Nerja, Torr

For the second consecutive year Rincon de la Victoria has hired the service on its own, without joining the Commonwealth of which it is a part. Campos explained Thursday that the boats "will travel daily along our coast trying to clean all the residues that are floating in the sea, whether solid, cream or jellyfish, for the good enjoyment of neighbors and visitors", a service that has considered »Very necessary to maintain our beaches in optimal conditions«. The boats will be operative from Monday to Friday, including holidays, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., although in Torrox and Nerja it will be until 7 p.m. Five vessels will operate on the Vélez-Málaga coast, two in Nerja an

The winner of the service, for an amount of almost 269,000 euros, about 17,000 less than last year, has been Servimar Axarquía, which will provide it until mid-September, although it will keep a vessel between the 16th and 16th of September in the port of Caleta de Vélez. September and June 14 next year, forty hours a month, ready to serve in any emergency. "During the last summer season, 47,121 kilos of organic matter, jellyfish, dead fish and algae were collected and treated 865.54 cubic meters of hydrocarbons and 38,780 kilos of inorganic plastic, cans, branches or wood," recalled the president, who has asked the population "to take care of this valuable natural re

Natural and tourist resource

Campos recalled "the damage caused by plastics or cans to the plant species and fish of our coast" and has considered that the care of the coast on the part of all »transcends to our own benefit, since it reverts in the tourism sector , that in the Axarquía-Costa del Sol is a source of wealth and generator of employment, and in the maintenance of our rich seabed ".

In the same sense has expressed the vowel of Tourism of the Commonwealth, Juan Peñas, who has detailed that these actions of cleanliness at sea are complemented by those made by each municipality in the arena, "so that we can boast of the excellence of our beaches ». "This not only results in the well-being of the neighbors, who deserve it, but also when it comes to positioning ourselves as a sun and beach destination. There is no doubt that, being in the best state, visitors will know how to recognize it and this is reflected in the agencies as well as in the internet and word of mouth recommendations, "said Peñas.

In the act of presentation has also been present the Councilor for Local Development and Beaches of the City Council of Algarrobo in office, José Luis Ruiz (FUCSI), who has ensured that have a good cleaning service of bathing water "is essential" for the coastal municipalities of the region with a view to a summer season "which we hope will be as good as those of previous years".

The quitanatas boats in charge of the service have the necessary technical benefits for the collection of floating waste, creams, hydrocarbons and foams, as well as sufficient autonomy to work during a complete day, including the displacements to the base port, according to Manuel Rivas, responsible for Servimar Axarquía. Rivas has detailed that the boats will remove plastics, wood and any other floating waste and are also endowed with a special network to fight the jellyfish, "although we hope that this year they will not invade us like last year".

He also recalled that the employers "are good connoisseurs of the beaches because each of them will work in their own municipality, so they know the area perfectly". The boat chosen is of the "foreña" type, a mixed open-bow ship, with an adjustable speed and height conveyor belt, which also incorporates a hydrocarbon separating equipment, so that it can perform a treatment in the event of a severe fuel spill. With a cleaning capacity of at least 5,500 cubic meters per hour of liquids and 15,000 cubic meters of solids, the vessels will also carry on board all the rescue and safety equipment required by law, in particular lifebuoys, mobile phones, horn, camera and G

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