The Andalusian Government's beach facility has 45 auxiliaries in Nerja

The Andalusian Government's beach facility has 45 auxiliaries in Nerja

The safety of bathers in the priority of the regional and local Administration in the summer of the coronavirus. The Andalusian Government has provided the City Council of Nerja with 45 personnel within the device of beach assistants hired by the Andalusian Government for this summer season and with 55,853 euros for the acquisition of certain materials that will provide safety in the coastal bathing areas. The delegate of the Government, Patricia Navarro, along with the mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo (PP), presented this Monday on the Burriana beach the device of 'Safe Beaches' launched by the Board «to provide greater security to the beach users and tourists in this co

Navarro thanked the Board's auxiliaries and the Civil Protection personnel, first responders, State Forces and Bodies and Local Police "for their effort and dedication" and encouraged them for the summer, "which will be fantastic, but hard too". The Board's device aims to "intensify and strengthen the protection of citizens" on Malaga's beaches against possible contagion from Covid-19, "and we want them to be the safest beaches in Spain, which is why I want to insist on this message of certainty and security, but we cannot go back; They have been very hard months with 287 deaths in our province, to whose families and friends I reiterate m

The delegate considered that tourists "who have always come to our shores should continue to do so, and we must maintain the use of masks, distances and hygiene if we want to enjoy our beaches in a different way this summer." For this, the Board has reinforced the plans of each city council with the hiring of 902 beach assistants in the province, in charge of informing and advising bathers and coordinating with the authorities if necessary. Almost 24 million euros have been planned for the training and hiring of more than 3,000 beach assistants, of whom 902 people plus two coordinators correspond to Malaga. They have been formed 'on-line' at the Andalusian Public Sec

However, not all troops have yet been recruited. Navarro put 2% of the open places in the province at 2%, where there were 29,000 applicants out of the 83,000 registered in the Andalusian community. A total of 45 troops are distributed throughout the 17 beaches of Nerja for this purpose, where in the next few days the security materials that the Consistory has requested will also arrive within the item of almost 56,000 euros provided by the Board.

Thus, the municipality will already have permanently new vehicles, such as a pick-up, a 4x4 quad and a jet ski with trailer; It will also have 16 rescue tubes, 12 water rescue cans, and 10 lifebuoys. 10.5 million euros have been earmarked to contribute to the improvement of security throughout the Andalusian coast and half of them are to provide municipalities with the resources and materials that guarantee this security. Malaga has received more than 1.4 million euros of investment in this regard.

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