The Axarquía Hospital establishes prevention measures against Covid-19 in its accesses

The Axarquía Hospital establishes prevention measures against Covid-19 in its accesses

The Hospital de la Axarquía, a center attached to the East Health Management Area of ??Malaga-Axarquía, has established prevention measures against Covid 19 at its entrances, in order to guarantee maximum safety for both patients and family members, avoiding possible infections. Thus, two customer service points have been established, both located on the ground floor of the hospital center. The attention to the user is carried out by caretakers who will ensure the safety of patients, companions and professionals, improving the information provided to the user, in addition to preventing them from wandering unnecessarily in the hospital, and controlling the times and schedules of

For the development of these last two functions to control the flow of patients, the involvement of the Nursing management through the block managers and the outpatient supervisor has been essential, since they have designed the distribution of patients in wards waiting times, depending on the type of consultation the patient attends or the test to be performed.

When the patients and companions enter the hospital center, they are received at either of these two points of citizen attention, in which they are reminded of the need to wear a mask, they are provided with an hydroalcoholic solution to carry out correct hand hygiene at that time. , and they are informed, among other aspects, of the circuits that the patient must follow depending on the consultation that is assigned or the test that has to be performed.

The regulation of the accompaniment has also been established, so that if the patient does not need the companion, the latter remains out of the center for greater security. Minor patients, those who are more vulnerable due to their advanced age, those with functional or cognitive limitations, and those who are going to undergo surgery are exempt from this issue.

Finally, from the Malaga-Axarquía Health Area, it is recalled that for the safety of patients and everyone, if you have a fever or cough or difficulty breathing, before going to the appointment the user must call their health center or on the phone 900 400 061.

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