The Board authorizes the rubble recycling plant for the Brick Beach project

The Board authorizes the rubble recycling plant for the Brick Beach project

After almost two years of processing, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía has finally issued a favorable environmental opinion for the installation of a construction and demolition waste management plant in Taramillas, in an area near the current wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of Vélez. Although it has not yet been formally registered with the City Council, the report is already in the hands of the Consistory, which represents an important step forward in this pioneering project in Europe, whose purpose is to use materials from construction and demolition, with the size and the desired shape, to regenerate a beac

The purpose of the plant is to provide the material with the necessary granulometry and smoothness to be able to carry out the regeneration of the Mezquitilla beach in Vélez-Málaga.

For its realization, the Brick Beach project has a global budget of five million euros, of which 80% (four million) are financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the remaining 20% ??by the other partners of this pioneering project (the Municipality of Vélez-Málaga, the Junta's Environment and Water Agency, the University of Málaga, Aula del Mar and the Andalusian Association of Management Companies for the Recovery of Construction and Demolition Waste-AGRECA).

Brick Beach is an absolutely new project in Europe. Its execution period ends on June 30, 2021 and its philosophy is to turn the problem of construction debris into an opportunity to combat coastal erosion caused by rising seas.

As the mayor of Business and Employment, responsible for the initiative, María José Roberto, has explained repeatedly, this project can be replicated in other European cities by providing an environmentally friendly solution for the regeneration of beaches. In the case of the Velez municipality, the project will generate employment in the area, both during the execution process and once it is finished. They also highlight that the new beach will promote "alternative and sustainable tourism." This initiative is also expected to put an end to the proliferation of illegal rubble dumps.


One of the reasons that has prevented to date from starting the beach regeneration is the absence of the corresponding environmental authorization to carry out the project of the waste management plant, whose location encountered the rejection of groups of the Corporation such as PP, which is in the opposition, and the GIPMTM, which is in the municipal government. Both parties have not spoken again, although it seems that the general opinion is not to lose this important investment of five million euros. On the contrary, the residents of the area have not stopped claiming, since the European support for this initiative became known, the regeneration of the beach. The project is still

Brick Beach began its journey in July 2018 after being selected by the European Union within the initiative 'Urban Innovative Actions'. In addition to the regeneration of the beach, the plan includes an intervention to the north of the N-340 that includes an administrative building in which spaces will be assigned to selected companies from the tourism, sports and leisure sectors.

The City Council, as the driving entity, is responsible for the administrative procedures necessary for its execution. Agreca, for its part, will focus on the installation of the plant and its execution, while the Andalusian Environment and Water Agency prepares the artificial regeneration project of the beach with eroded recycled aggregates. Likewise, it is also responsible for a study to plant 'cydomocea nodosa' (a species of seagrass) in the area of ??action. The Aula del Mar will carry out the uses and services of the beach, the socio-economic stimulation plan and the environmental awareness program, while the UMA will carry out the scientific analyzes that guarantee t

Given the innovative nature of Brick Beach, it is subject to continuous supervision by the EU, according to the City Council, which has clarified that obtaining environmental authorizations is what has meant that no tender has been launched at the moment, which It is a problem when it comes to meeting the deadlines. Brick Beach must end on June 30, 2021.

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