The City Council recovers the face-to-face activity in its services and dependencies

The City Council recovers the face-to-face activity in its services and dependencies

The City Council of Rincón de la Victoria has announced that from Monday, May 25, it will resume face-to-face activity in its services and municipal offices from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. During these last weeks, different preventive measures have been carried out, with application in all municipal buildings, in accordance with the instructions and protocols established by the health authorities.

As for improving citizen service, the City of Rincón de la Victoria has implemented the Citizen Information Point (PIC) at the entrance to the Town Hall, which will consist of informing, attending to and, where appropriate, processing the requests that the citizens sue. The councilor for the Interior Regime, Josefa Carnero (PP), has indicated that "this service aims to streamline requests of any kind requested by citizens, also reducing the transfer of citizens by municipal agencies." For any appointment or meeting with the different areas, it will be mandatory to make an appointment in each of the corresponding telephones in those areas.

The mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), highlighted "the enormous effort made to improve and guarantee security for the return to normality of public services. The reinstatement of public personnel will take place gradually and progressively, and citizen attention will comply with all guarantees. In this sense, Salado wanted to thank the commitment and involvement of the municipal staff and the areas of the City Council in this advanced process of state of alarm.

In the field of occupational health and safety, the adaptation of the facilities of public buildings has been carried out with different actions such as the reorganization of the space as a safety measure with the installation of 103 desktop methacrylate partitions, 15 foot spacers, adaptation of furniture, informative signage and signaling of safety distance in all municipal buildings, acquisition of digital thermometers to take body temperature to people who access municipal buildings: employees and citizens. "All these measures have been agreed with the union representatives of public employees (Works Council, Staff Board and Union Sections)," adds Carnero.

Finally, the mayor wanted to remember that citizens continue to have the platform for the Electronic Entry Registry at the municipal electronic headquarters to facilitate the presentation of documents and carry out procedures. Citizens are recommended to prioritize telephonic and telematic attention while the state of alarm remains.


Regarding the applications in Padrón, one of the most demanded procedures in the City Council, it is recalled that attention will be prioritized by email at In this sense, and with respect to the procedure to follow regarding the accreditation of the family home for educational centers, it is recalled that Article 9 of the Order of February 20, 2020 says the following:

1. The information required for the accreditation of the family home will be provided directly to the Ministry responsible for education in the matter by the National Statistics Institute, through computerized or telematic means, unless the person who signs the request objects to this, in which case you must provide the documentation referred to in section 2.

2. When the information obtained does not coincide with the address that appears in the request, the requesting person must provide, upon request of the person who exercises the management of the public educational center or the person representing the ownership of the arranged private educational center, the registration certificate issued by the corresponding City Council.

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