The City Council remembers the restrictions on nightlife to avoid infections

The City Council remembers the restrictions on nightlife to avoid infections

The Councilor for Commerce, Javier López, reports on the new measures established by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Andalusian Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, especially in youth meetings, where more outbreaks are occurring,

The biggest restrictions are established for large bottles, which are totally prohibited, and nightclubs, for which a reservation with personal data must be requested, or given upon entry. The capacity becomes 40%, all seated, since it is not allowed to be at the bar or the dance, and the groups are reduced to 12 people per table. They must have room controllers and extreme cleanliness of services. They can be open until 5 in the morning at most.

In cocktail bars, the capacity is reduced to 60%, with a maximum of 12 people per table. As in the clubs, there will be a registration of attendees and they can open until 3 in the morning. The terraces can fill their capacity, but with tables of 12 people maximum, like the restaurants, which can reach 75% of their capacity.

The councilor recalls that all the previously established rules are still in force, aimed at preserving the health of citizens and avoiding contagions, especially the established one for the use of a mask at all times. It appeals to the responsibility and common sense of the neighbors and tourists for the good of our health and our economy, which would be seriously damaged if an outbreak of covid-19 occurred in our town.

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