The City Council will require compensation to Salsa for the expansion of El Ingenio

The City Council will require compensation to Salsa for the expansion of El Ingenio

The plenary session of the City Council approved yesterday in an extraordinary session the modification of the PGOU to allow the El Ingenio shopping center to be expanded by 4,680 square meters. The plenary agreement thus begins the process to achieve its final approval. Likewise, the government team managed to carry out this year's accounts of the City Council with the final approval of the municipal budget for 2019, which amounts to 105.2 million.

The modification of the PGOU and the strategic environmental assessment to facilitate the expansion of El Ingenio, is promoted by the Larios Sugar Company (SALSA), owner of the shopping center. The green light of the plenary now allows the Board to issue its sector reports.

The GIPMTM asks for land next to the Vélez river for the future fairground of Torre del Mar

The approval was carried out with the support of all the groups of the corporation, with the exception of Andalucía por Sí, who abstained. Voted in favor of PSOE and GIPMTM, which make up the government team, and the PP, which is the main opposition group. However, both the deputy mayor of Torre del Mar, Jesús Pérez Atencia (GIPMTM), and the spokesman for the PP, Francisco Delgado, made it clear in the plenary that they will demand compensation that benefits the municipality and in support of local commerce. Thus, Pérez said that his training has called for compensation soils next to the mouth of the Vélez River that in the advance of the PGOU appear as a green area to locate th

The mayor, the socialist Antonio Moreno Ferrer, said for his part that the El Ingenio shopping center is lacking in competitiveness in relation to other territories and that just as action is being taken to boost trade in urban areas with projects such as pedestrianization of Carmelitas, in Vélez, and Calle Del Mar, in Torre del Mar, also El Ingenio needs to modernize to increase its competitiveness.

"El Ingenio must continue to grow in an orderly manner and there must be compensation," said Francisco Delgado, after acknowledging that this shopping center must move forward, "although without turning its back on local commerce." In this sense, he demanded a plan to boost the historic center. The PP justified their vote in favor so they cannot go against legislation and procedures, even when they recognized the concern of the merchant associations.

Two years of processing

The approval to allow the expansion of El Ingenio still requires almost two years of processing. The matter will have to go through another two more times, so the increase in the area of ??the shopping center is not immediate. The Ingenio has 42,201 square meters of surface and more than 120 stores, an Eroski hypermarket, 12 cinemas, 2,600 parking spaces, gymnasium and gas station. The expansion project involves increasing its surface area by 4,680 square meters, occupying an area located next to the service station, and at the opposite end, where a disco was located.

The plenary also carried out the municipal budget for 2019, although only with the support of the PSOE and GIPMTM, since PP and AxS voted against. The accounts amount to 105.2 million euros, which includes more than 13.5 million euros for social policies, increasing this item by 1 million euros over the previous year, one more year. It also collects 1.4 million for the payment of non-paid invoices and previous years to suppliers. The document includes the necessary provisions for the Valuation of Jobs (VPT).

The opposition has criticized that their allegations have not been taken into account. In this regard, the PP has announced that it will challenge the budget for not including the report of the secretary on the valuation of jobs, which the "popular" training considers prescriptive.

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