The City of Rincon de la Victoria executed in more than 90% the budget of 2018

The City of Rincon de la Victoria executed in more than 90% the budget of 2018

The City of Rincon de la Victoria continues to take stock of the municipal economic management carried out in these last two years of the legislature, reporting that the execution of the budget for the year 2018 has been placed at 90% in expenses of 41.8 million euros, and in 91% in terms of income of an amount of 44.3 million euros.

The councilor of the area of ??Economy and Finance, Antonio Fernandez (PP), has valued very positively these results, putting the emphasis "on the available investment of more than 8 million euros in two years." In addition, explains Fernandez "the financial burden of 2018 has been the lowest of the last ten years", while insisting that "the trend has changed and we have the highest level of the last 15 years, in terms of difference between the rights and the pending obligations ".

The mayor of Rincon de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), has highlighted the "excellent management carried out by the economic area during these two years that has allowed us to clean up the municipal accounts to recover the local economy, allocate more investment to works of improvement that has supposed an important impulse in the local economy ".

On the other hand, the Councilor for Economy and Finance has ensured that "for the second year in a row the requirements of the expenditure rule are met, with a surplus in the budget settlement and in the remaining Treasury and is also met with the limit of the financial debt ", a situation that Fernandez explains" allows us not to have to approve budgets obligatorily with a surplus of more than 2 million euros ".

Among a series of economic objectives achieved by the management of the government team in these almost two years of the legislature, is "the reduction in more than 5 million euros of the global debt of the City, of which 2.6 million correspond to debt commercial, "says the mayor.

Another achievement has been the reduction of the average payment period (PMP) of the Consistory in 62 days, from 140.78 to 78.41 days, and the amount of outstanding payments, from 6.6 million euros to 1.8 million euros, that is to say, "there has been a reduction of more than 70% guaranteed by the objectives proposed by this government team", adds the councilor.

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