The Councilor for Citizens in Nerja waives the act "for personal and work reasons"

The Councilor for Citizens in Nerja waives the act "for personal and work reasons"

Just two months. This is the time he has remained as Councilor of Citizens in the City Council of Nerja who was a candidate for mayor for this formation, Manuel Carrillo de Albornoz. The mayor presented last Friday in the Consistory register his resignation to the act "for personal and work reasons, not being able to reconcile my work as a councilor in the opposition with my work in a hotel in the town," he confessed in statements to this newspaper .

The one who was the local coordinator of the party led nationally by Albert Rivera will give way to number two in the candidacy, Mari Carmen López, who was already a councilor during almost all of the last term. In fact, there is a circumstance that López also entered the summer of 2015, just two months after the corporation was formed, replacing the then number two of the party, Chema Centeno, who also resigned "for personal and professional reasons."

«It is a shame, I would have liked to make it compatible, but I find it impossible, I can not devote all the time that requires a position like the councilor in the opposition without releasing, since I am not economically interested in freeing myself, and that is why I have decided to resign to the minutes and give the opportunity to my party partner Mari Carmen López, who has already done a great job in the last legislature, ?said Carrillo, who did not want to clarify if his partner will reach some kind of agreement with the minority PP government, which has ten of the 21 mayor or will remain in the opposition, with a salary of 27,375 euros. "That is something she will have

As it happened in 2015, the municipal elections of May 26 returned to leave the PP, led by José Alberto Armijo, a mayor of the absolute majority. The PSOE returned to get six councilors, Adelante Nerja-Maro - the confluence of IU and Podemos - obtained two minutes of mayor, and Cs, UPNER and Vox one each.

Salary Increase

With this scenario, unlike what happened in 2015, when the PSOE reached the Mayor's Office thanks to the support of IU, EVA-Podemos and Cs, the PP has recovered the municipal government, at the head of which Armijo was already for five legislatures, between 1995 and 2015. At the end of the investiture he had the sole support of the mayor of Vox, Miguel Armijo, who said that they had signed an agreement to, among other issues, "have preferential access to municipal records."

In the plenary session of the legislature, the PP approved a rise in the salary of the councilman of 19%, to 58,372 euros gross per year, and 26% for the released mayor, thanks to the abstention of Vox and Cs. In addition, three salaries were included for mayor released from the opposition, with a salary of 27,375 euros, although for now the groups have not requested them.

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