The disappearance of Dana Leonte turns two months without news about her whereabouts

The disappearance of Dana Leonte turns two months without news about her whereabouts

No trace of Dana Leonte. Yesterday was two months since the boyfriend of this 31-year-old Romanian girl, Sergio Ruiz, denounced his disappearance in Arenas, the town of Axarquía, located ten kilometers from Vélez-Málaga, in which both lived together for two years . With a small daughter in common who is already nine months old, this young man continues to maintain that it was a voluntary escape, since she would be "very overwhelmed" by the debts she supposedly had with a lender for her hospitality business.

However, sixty days later, all hypotheses remain open. However, on the investigation carried out by the Civil Guard they have not transcended news, since the agents of the Armed Institute are carrying with the maximum stealth a case that, from the first moment, was described by the specialists as «a disturbing disappearance ». Not surprisingly, the supposed debts of the young Romanian, who had lived in Spain for 14 years, could be around 50,000 euros, although the largest amount would correspond to a lender, friend of Dana Leonte, to whom she owed 12,800 euros.

But the agents have not focused solely on this line, since they have also targeted their sentimental partner. The relationship of both went back about two years ago, a time in which she had denounced him on one occasion for an alleged crime of abuse in the family. However, even though the court initially issued a restraining order, the case was finally filed.

The environment of the couple and their closest relatives have not hidden, in all this time, that the relationship between the two had "numerous ups and downs." Thus, Sergio's sister, Eva, and her father, Estanislao, have also not hidden, in their statements to the media, that their relationship with the Romanian girl was "very bad, non-existent."

For her part, the young woman's brother, Florín Leonte, continues to insist that she would never have voluntarily left Arenas, leaving a seven-month-old daughter in charge of the father. Speaking to SUR, this young Romanian, who has lived in Vélez-Málaga for more than fifteen years, said they are "fatal", for not knowing "absolutely nothing new about his whereabouts." "The Civil Guard tells me that they have not stopped looking for her, that they are working, and that agents from Madrid have come who are specialists in disappearances like this," said Florín Leonte, who acknowledged that "he has no hope of finding alive his sister". «For

For his part, Sergio Ruiz, SUR was "very calm" about these accusations that his brother's brother has been making publicly. "He should have evidence to accuse me, he knows a lot and hides," he said, remembering that when he told Florin that his sister had disappeared he told him, in an audio message, that he would have "gone with another."

Asked about the progress of the investigation, Ruiz urged this newspaper to turn to the Civil Guard agents. "They are looking for, discarding things, and that is why they had me testifying, but it was at all times as a witness, I have not been detained at any time as it has been published," argued the young man from Arenas, who is still working in a timber company of the industrial estate of Vélez-Málaga.

Sergio Ruiz and Dana Leonte, in an image published on their social networks. / SOUTH

On the screenshots that he sent a month ago to the Civil Guard and the media in which it was seen that Dana's number was 'online' in the application of 'WhatsApp' messages, Sergio Ruiz pointed out that the researchers ?were surprised as I was ». Of course, the young arenusco denied that the messages he sent in which he reproached him for leaving, have been answered with a 'Hello, tell me', as has been published in various media.

In this regard, sources consulted by SUR said that "there is no technical record" that the mobile of the Romanian girl has become operational since the date of her disappearance. Ruiz, meanwhile, pointed out that his partner's number "has blocked me, because he no longer receives my messages, nor does he give me a signal in the calls." "He will have blocked all the people in my family," he replied when this newspaper questioned him about whether he had tried to communicate from another mobile number.

In social networks a group has been created that is trying to organize a concentration of support for Dana Leonte's family. In this regard, his brother said that they have requested authorization from the Subdelegation and that they are waiting for a response.

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