The Julen case trial will be held one week after the first anniversary of the rescue

The Julen case trial will be held one week after the first anniversary of the rescue

A week after one year has elapsed since little Julen lost his life after falling down a well over 100 meters deep on a Totalán estate, the City of Justice of Malaga will host the trial in this case. It will be then when the owner of the land where the events occurred, David Serrano, sits on the bench of the accused.

As announced by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), it will be next Tuesday, January 21, when the sessions begin, which will continue on 22, 23, 24, 28 and 30 of the same month. It will be in the courtroom number 4 and the holder of the Criminal Court number 9 of the capital will be responsible for judging these facts. Specifically, an alleged crime of manslaughter due to imprudence, which Serrano is accused of. The Prosecutor's Office considers that the accused did not cover the mouth of the well or warned the parents of the child that next to the place where they were going to eat was this hole more than 100 meters deep. Therefore, among other aspects, he is consi

«It has been an endless year, we fight not to fall apart, Julen wouldn't like it»                                          Alvaro Frías Juan Cano

For their part, Julen's parents, through their lawyer, Antonia Barba, raise this request for jail to three years and six months. The defendant's defense, exercised by Lawbird Legal Services, requires the free acquittal of Serrano when considering that he did warn of the presence of the well. These are positions on which the judge will have to decide after listening to the different parties in declaration, as well as the experts and the people and personnel of the emergency bodies that participated in the rescue of little Julen, as well as the investigators of the Civil Guard who investigated the case. That will be if there is finally a trial, since the parties have held talks

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