The Mancomunidad de la Axarquía will announce the Rural Women Awards in 2021

The Mancomunidad de la Axarquía will announce the Rural Women Awards in 2021

Coinciding with the International Day of Rural Women, the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol Axarquía has celebrated the I Day 'Rural Women Entrepreneurs'. This has been organized through the Zoom platform and some thirty women members of different associations in the region have participated. Technicians from the administration have also attended as well as the vice president of the regional institution, Juan Peñas; the mayors of Iznate, Gregorio Campos; Algarrobo, Alberto Pérez; from Colmenar, José Martín, the mayor of Árchez, Mari Carmen Moreno; and the councilors for Equality of Rincón de la Victoria, Algarrobo, Comares, Almáchar, Moclinejo, Benamo

«Days like these are essential to exchange impressions and interact with other territories. From the Commonwealth we are reinforcing the area of ??Equality to make it a transversal policy, "said the president and mayor of La Viñuela, José Juan Jiménez, who has shown his support" for this just struggle for demands.

Palma has started its speech "highlighting the need to celebrate Rural Women's Day" going back to the role that other generations have played "who have managed to stick us to the territory, and that their daughters can opt for training." For this reason, as a tribute to all those women, Palma has announced that next year, the Eastern Commonwealth will announce the 'Rural Women Awards'. «In the rural world, women have a lot to say. These awards that we are already working on will go to women from the 31 municipalities, and they will be the ones who choose who to give the recognition to, ?he pointed out.

The Equality spokesperson has also launched her intention to create a North South Women's Network "to share experiences and initiatives." "We have to launch networks and we have a lot of work ahead of us," he concluded. Precisely, in this first day two entrepreneurs have participated who wanted to relate their professional experience in their respective municipalities. Elisa Gómez, a Fine Arts student at the University of the Basque Country, who combines it with her work in forest fire prevention and extinction teams in Aliaga, a town of 300 inhabitants of Teruel; and Almudena Martín, from Periana, owner of the Cortijo de Las Monjas.

Gómez has highlighted the need to "build networks between territories", to "minimize resistance to the performance of certain masculinized jobs" and the need to "promote creative or research work in the rural world." "It is not just working in the field, you can perform many other professions like in the city," Elisa stressed, placing the value "the wisdom that the field gives in addition to that obtained academically."

Itinerant doctors

Regarding the first assessment, Elisa has expressed her preference for "living in the countryside, where the community has always been present." "In the city the tendency is to create networks, and in the town, the neighbors have had them all our lives," he reflected, lamenting that "in rural areas there are many masculine jobs." "They are still surprised when they see me with the ax or in other tasks related to extinguishing forest fires," he said. Finally, he pointed out the need to unite in platforms that defend "equal opportunities and rights in rural areas." "We cannot allow more and more services to be lost, or that we have

For her part, Almudena Martín has given an account of her experience as an entrepreneur in charge of a rural tourist complex and has advocated "the development of viable projects in the towns without losing their identity." He has also defended associations and communities to advance the visibility of the rural world. The day ended with Puri Toledo, a CADE technician from Riogordo, who reported on the services, programs and aid that entrepreneurs can take advantage of "for the creation and maintenance of business projects, which also serve to stop depopulation" .

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