The mayor of Rincón proposes to the residents of La Cala del Moral new spaces on Avenida de Málaga to plant more trees

The mayor of Rincón proposes to the residents of La Cala del Moral new spaces on Avenida de Málaga to plant more trees

The Rincón de la Victoria City Council will plant more than 100 trees on Avenida Málaga and other areas of La Cala del Moral. This was confirmed by the mayor of the municipality, Francisco Salado (PP), in the second meeting held with a group of residents of the town, to whom he presented a new proposal for the trees that will go in the works to improve the sidewalk in this section . The meeting takes place after a group of neighbors, constituted in the La Cala No se Tala Platform, have shown their rejection of the removal of the 83 trees that were in the area, including ficus, jacarandas and mulberry trees. There were several days of protests and a rally attended by almost 500 peopl

Francisco Salado, taking into account the proposal of October 5 from this group of neighbors, added to this initial plan of the avenue itself, five new areas where to plant up to twenty trees that will include mulberry, carob, tree of love, cherry and cypress trees. Thus, there will be between 80 and 90 trees on the main avenue and another 20 in the other chosen areas. "The neighbors and the government team agree with the environmental policy, but we have to take into account the circumstances surrounding the Avenida de Málaga," explained Salado.

For the main avenue, the City Council has considered evaluating the option of tall palm trees. Once the different proposals had been analyzed, the Syagrus romanzoffiana (feathery coconut) was chosen. «The municipal technicians and those consulted say that the tree species for Málaga avenue must be the feathery coconut. It is the tree that adapts to the space we have. You have to take into account the different factors to make this decision, "specified the mayor.

The five new areas proposed are: in the gardens of the waterfall at the entrance to Avenida de Málaga on the north sidewalk where mulberry trees would be planted. On the avenue of Jábega, in the surroundings of Don Miguel, where several Cercis siliquastrum (known as the tree of love) and cherry trees would be planted. In the Parque de los Cipreses, where hackberries, privets, common maples or cypresses would go. In the southern area of ??the José Vertedor roundabout where a vertical type of tree would be located. In the starting area from La Cala del Moral to Rincón de la Victoria, on the way up to El Cantal, where carob trees would be planted.

After the start of the works to improve the sidewalk on Avenida de Málaga in La Cala del Moral and the meeting held with this group of neighbors on October 5, 2020, the City Council undertook to make a proposal to agree on the best type of trees for the same. A proposal that was delivered to the neighbors during the meeting held in the plenary hall. "Where we have also argued with technical reports why we have opted for the different types of trees on Avenida de Málaga and in the different proposed areas," the mayor stressed.

New mulberry trees

After the study of the various proposals and the acceptance of the residents of the five new locations for the planting of different trees in La Cala del Moral, the parties have convened a new meeting to close the model of trees on the main avenue. «We have to remember that these are works in high demand by the residents and that they will clearly improve the Avenida de Málaga. We must combine many factors that must be taken into account: environmental, accessibility, mobility and the benefit to businesses and neighbors, "said Salado.

The mayor also recalled at said meeting the recent planting of more than 100 trees (200 natural elements if we have tree plants) in the newly created Las Mimosas forest park in the El Cantal area on Avenida de los Pintores. Here holm oaks, almond trees, wild olive trees, pines, mulberry trees, lemon trees have been planted. Similarly, Salado announced to the residents that the Rincón de la Victoria City Council has started talks with the Malaga City Council that contemplate the possibility of planting more mulberry trees in the traffic roundabout at the entrance to La Cala del Moral from La Araña.

Recreation of how the avenue of Malaga will be with the palm trees of the feathery coconut type. / SOUTH

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