The Nerja Cave blows 61 candles with new quality seals

The Nerja Cave blows 61 candles with new quality seals

"It was thanks to my father being a bricklayer and we took him a hammer, with which we broke the stalactites and we sneaked inside, through a hole just 60 centimeters in diameter," Manuel Muñoz, one of the five, recalled this Sunday intrepid young people from Mareños who, just 61 years ago, discovered the Cave of Nerja. Like every January 12, the Foundation that manages the most visited natural monument in Andalusia has returned to honor them to thank them for "the courage and daring" of a girl who changed the course of the history of the easternmost town of the Malaga coast. If it was an agricultural and fishing town, in just a few years the municipality became

Together with his brother Miguel, the youngest of the group, Manuel has been accompanied in the gardens that give access to the grotto, by Francisco Navas, 82, who was the oldest of the gang, José Torres and the widow of José Luis Barber, María López. Excited they have returned to pose next to the small hole, the torca chica, through which they sneaked that day, in which last year some panels of metraquilato were installed with their photos of 1959. «I came for firewood to this area of the mines of the Maro cemetery and I encouraged them to go in to hunt bats, ?Navas recalled. Just three months after that first expedition, they returned with another group of nerjeños, among wh

The images he captured with his camera were published in Diario SUR on April 22, 1959, which made the phenomenal discovery known to everyone. Since its opening to the public, on June 12, 1960, more than 18 million people have passed through its tourist galleries, which barely represent a third of the total cave. Last year there were 441,590 visitors, 2.4% more than the previous one. However, the cavity is not only a tourist attraction, but research and conservation are also fundamental axes in the monument, which claims to be the great cathedral of Prehistory in the Mediterranean. The more than 400 cave paintings that it houses have entered fully into the scientific debate about the p

The manager of the cave, Chema Domínguez, has highlighted the commitment of the cavity for quality and tourism experiences, highlighting the processes and procedures carried out to obtain and maintain different international stamps, according to the requirements of the certifications obtained from the Q of Quality and those of ISO 9001 and 14001 environmental. He also stressed that the Cave of Nerja is the first cave in Spain to reach the Q of Quality, just as the Museum of Nerja is the first in Andalusia with the Q of Quality.

The Cave has blown these 61 candles with new certifications: Integral Tourist Quality System in Destination (SICTED), Biosphere and Family Tourism. "They are certificates that are focused on the attention to the visitor, both from a tourist and conservation point of view and, also, of special care to the families that come to the cave and its surroundings," said Dominguez, who has highlighted the innovations for this year 2020, such as audio guides in 15 languages; the incorporation of children's audioguide for children -in Spanish and English-; the return of the cave-train in the first quarter of this year and news of 360 degrees that will come in the second half.

For its part, Maro's pediatric mayor, Nuchi Moreno, has dedicated emotional words to the discoverers. «I grew up listening to 'a pique of being killed', they were not aware of what was in that hole or hole, and 'look at the bunch of people who come to see what they have discovered', because the Cave is a source of wealth in In every sense, Maro lives and lives in the laps of the Cave, ?he said.

The event was also attended by the Territorial Delegate of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Junta de Andalucía in Málaga, Nuria Rodríguez, and the vice president of the Area of ??Citizenship and Attention to the Depopulation of the Territory of the Diputación de Málaga, Natacha Rivas. The first highlighted that "we all have to team up and be proud of what these five magnificent Malaga got." Rivas has highlighted the role that the cave plays in the fight against climate change, by the hand of its scientific team, so it has shown the support of the Provincial Council to continue promoting the future of the Nerja Cave.

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