The Nerja treatment plant faces a key year for its commissioning

The Nerja treatment plant faces a key year for its commissioning

More than two decades after they were declared of general interest of the State, the works of the first Nerja sewage plant face in this newly released year 2020 a key exercise for its definitive entry into operation, after innumerable breaches of the deadlines. The work for its completion was resumed strongly last October, after the approval of the Ministry for Ecological Transition to the modification of the project, valued at two million euros, with the aim of incorporating eight of the eleven points of discharge not initially planned.

At the moment, the actions are focusing on the culmination of urban collectors in several areas of the town, and on the installation of the underwater emissary on Burriana beach. In addition, work is being carried out in parallel to the completion of the electrical connection to supply the treatment plant, located in the Agua Hierro area, at the eastern end of the town center, next to the old N-340, in the direction of the village from Maro.

The most important works are being carried out in the Mirador del Bendito area, where an enormous excavation, eight meters deep, has been carried out to connect the collector that was already installed a few years ago under the cliff on which the Parador is located of Tourism of Nerja. In the next few weeks a special machinery of large dimensions will come to the area, to introduce the collector, in perpendicular position, until the tube is deepened 16 meters in the direction of the cliff. At the same time, work is being done at the eastern end of the Burriana waterfront to complete the collectors next to the pumping station already built and install the submarine emissary that will r

The work will resume this week after the Christmas braking to end in summer

In the Mérida street, in front of the Perla Marina hotel and the Arce apartments, another collector has also been installed to connect to the nearby pumping station at the mouth of the Chíllar river, which will replace the current pumping of the emissary located very close. The connection of the collector of the central Jaén street with the nearby Diputación street, crossing Castilla Pérez avenue, are still pending.

The works are being executed by Lantania company, which was left with the action after the bankruptcy of the first winning firm, Isolux-Corsán-Corviam, in the summer of 2017. Last October it was announced that the pending works would last eight months, to those that will have to add another six tests, so that the plant would not come into operation, at full capacity, until the beginning of 2021, five years after what was initially contemplated in the contract.

The work so that Nerja ceases to have the dubious honor of continuing to be the only large municipality on the coast of Malaga without treatment plant and thus reach the desired zero discharge on the beaches, add more than three years of delay with respect to the date initially planned in the award contract, signed by the then Ministry of Environment in November 2013 with the company Isolux-Corsán-Corviam, for 23.24 million euros. The works have been delayed due to the financial problems of the company, which broke down in 2017, and due to changes in the project.

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